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As the popularity of electric bikes continues to soar, the demand for reliable, high-quality batteries has become increasingly apparent. The 12V 30Ah Lithium-Ion Electric Bike Battery with 12.6V 1A Charger Built-in BMS Integrated System is a product designed to meet this demand. With a focus on durability, longevity, and efficiency, this battery is a promising option for electric bike enthusiasts looking to upgrade their current power source. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features, benefits, and considerations of this electric bike battery.

Key Features

One of the standout features of this electric bike battery is the use of high-quality brand battery cells. This results in a battery life of up to 1000 times, with a life expectancy of up to 5 years. The lithium-ion core not only provides stable battery performance but also includes built-in over-voltage, over-current, overload, short-circuit, and temperature protection. This ensures the safety and reliability of the battery, even in challenging conditions.

The battery’s fully sealed design allows for use in all weather conditions, making it suitable for daily use regardless of rain or mud. This level of durability and resilience is essential for electric bike owners who rely on their vehicles for daily transportation or recreational activities.

Product Information

The 12V 30Ah Lithium-Ion Electric Bike Battery offers a rated voltage of 12V with a capacity of 30Ah. It features internal protection circuitry for overload, over-discharge, over-current, and short-circuit protection. With a life cycle of over 1000 times and dimensions of 158×76×38 mm, this battery weighs approximately 1.2 kg, with a total weight of around 1.5 kg. This wide range of applications, including electric vehicles, model airplanes, power tools, DIY battery packs, golf carts, sightseeing buses, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs, and others, highlights the versatility and adaptability of this battery.

The packing list includes one 12V lithium-ion battery and one 12.6V charger, offering a convenient and comprehensive solution for electric bike owners.

High Discharge Efficiency

A notable benefit of this electric bike battery is its high discharge efficiency, which allows it to operate at temperatures ranging from -20 to 60℃. The discharge efficiency can reach 95%, enabling users to maximize the battery’s capacity and extend the driving distance. Additionally, the battery’s self-discharge rate does not exceed 3% when not in use, contributing to significant energy savings.

Longevity and Charging Cycle

The 12V 30Ah Lithium-Ion Electric Bike Battery is designed to offer reliable performance over an extended period. With a powerful battery charger included, the battery can be fully charged in approximately 5-7 hours, providing a riding range of almost 20 miles. This battery’s charging cycle exceeds 800 times, with a life expectancy of up to 5 years, ensuring long-term value for users.

BMS Protection Board

The built-in 20A Battery Management System (BMS) and battery holder provide enhanced shock resistance and protection for the battery. The BMS protects against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and short-circuit, safeguarding the battery’s longevity and performance. This integrated protection system is essential for maintaining the reliability and safety of the battery during regular use.


Before purchasing the 12V 30Ah Lithium-Ion Electric Bike Battery, it is crucial to ensure a thorough understanding of lithium battery technology and installation procedures. Proper installation of the battery pack is essential for safe and reliable usage. If needed, seeking assistance from a knowledgeable professional for installation can provide peace of mind and prevent any potential issues.


Overall, the 12V 30Ah Lithium-Ion Electric Bike Battery with 12.6V 1A Charger Built-in BMS Integrated System offers a compelling array of features and benefits for electric bike enthusiasts. With a focus on reliability, longevity, and efficiency, this battery is well-suited for a wide range of applications and provides a comprehensive solution for electric bike owners seeking a dependable power source. By incorporating high-quality battery cells, comprehensive protection systems, and a versatile design, this electric bike battery demonstrates strong potential for enhancing the performance and usability of electric bikes.

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