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Product Review: 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit for Common Bike Left Chain Drive Customized for Electric Geared Bicycle Derailleur

The L-faster 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit is a comprehensive kit designed to convert your common bike into an electric geared bicycle with ease. It comes with all the necessary components to retrofit your bicycle and transform it into a powerful electric ride. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of this conversion kit.

The kit includes a 250W brush motor with a freewheel sprocket. This allows for seamless pedaling without motor power, reducing resistance and providing a better cycling experience. The motor is from the reputable brand UNITE, ensuring durability and performance.

In addition to the motor, the kit includes a chain, customized sprocket and components, a motor controller with fuse wire, a mounting plate with bolts, and a throttle handle with a battery indicator and key switch. The throttle handle allows for easy control over the motor power and provides real-time battery level information. The kit also includes necessary connectors for easy installation.

It is important to note that this kit does not include a battery or battery charger. You will need to purchase these separately. The kit is compatible with both lead acid and lithium batteries, and the recommended battery capacity is 24V 15Ah or 36V 12Ah.

Some considerations to keep in mind before purchasing this conversion kit:

1. Compatibility: This kit is designed for bikes that use V brakes on the rear wheel. It is not compatible with bikes that use disc brakes or coaster brakes. If you are unsure about your bike type, you can send a picture to the seller for assistance.

2. Bracket Modification: The motor bracket may not fit your bike frame perfectly, and some modifications may be required. If you are unsure about how to modify the bracket, you can also seek guidance from the seller by sending them a picture of your bike.

3. Speed and Performance: This conversion kit is designed to make riding easier rather than faster. A 26-inch bike can run at approximately 20km/h with this kit. It is recommended to pedal with the motor power to ride longer distances.

4. Voltage Options: The kit is available in both 24V and 36V variants. The difference lies in the working current, with the 36V kit providing longer ride times. If you prioritize longer rides, it is recommended to choose the 36V variant.

Overall, the 24V36V250W Electric Conversion Kit for Common Bike Left Chain Drive by L-faster is a reliable and comprehensive kit for transforming your bike into an electric geared bicycle. It includes all the necessary components for an easy installation process. Keep in mind the compatibility considerations and choose the appropriate battery for optimal performance. Enjoy the convenience and power of an electric ride with this conversion kit.

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