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Are you looking to add some extra power to your two-wheeled bike? Look no further than the 27.5″ Front Wheel Hub Electric Bike Conversion Kit,36V 500W Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit. This brushless gear hub e-bike conversion motor kit is perfect for retrofitting your bike and will provide you with the extra power and speed you need. In this review, we will take a closer look at the specifications, application, package inclusions, and user-friendly features of this electric bike conversion kit.


Color: Black,Silver
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Shape: Round
Style: Modern
Meter Type: Color Screen LCD
Power Type: Lead-acid or Lithium Battery (Not Included)
Installation Position: Front
Bike Type: Electric Bike
Motor Type: Brushless and Gear Motor
Braking Method: Disc Type/V-type Brake
Corresponding Controller: 36V 500W FOC Sine Wave Intelligent Controller
Instrument Display: Real-time Speed, Maximum Speed, Average Speed, Total Mileage, Single Mileage, Battery Power Display, Assist Gear/Speed Grading, Cruise Function, Error Code Display
Voltage: 36V
Power: 500W
Rated Speed: 300rpm
Rated Torque: 55nm
Efficiency: ≥82%
Motor Wheel Speed: Max 35-40km/h
Net Weight: 8kg/17lbs
Gross Weight: 9kg/19lbs
Package Size: 60*60*22cm/23*23*8inch
Controller Size: 212*115*55mm/8.3*4.5*2inch
LCD Meter Size: 68*96mm/2.6*3.7inch
Wheel Diameter: 27.5inch/69.8cm
Suitable Handle Diameter: 22.2mm/0.87in


It is suitable for retrofitting the front wheel of a two-wheeled bike. It is suitable for bikes with 27.5inch wheels. How to Measure a Bicycle Wheel Size
Method 1: If your tire is mounted, you can find the wheel size on the bicycle’s tire.
Method 2: Measure the distance in inches from the ground beneath the tire to the center point of the wheel. This measurement is the wheel’s radius or half of its diameter. Multiply the length by two to calculate the tire’s diameter. Most adult bicycle wheels are between 26 and 29 inches in diameter.

Package Included

1* Front Drive Motor Wheel
1* Turner
1* Turnbuckle Cover
1* Controller
1* Color Screen LCD Meter&Bracket
2* Brake Handles
1 Set* Pedal Assistant Sensors
1* Controller Bag
1* English Manual
Other Accessories for Assembly


The speed is related to wheel size, road condition, battery condition, guest load, wind Speed, and other factors.
It is suitable for the front wheel of a two-wheeled bike or tricycle with the front fork claw hook inside distance of 3.9inch.
Please prepare lead-acid battery or lithium battery with a power of 500W in advance. Please note that the battery and tire are not included in the package.
Please make sure a solid connection between the motor and the controller.
Please make sure that the inner core of each plug are not damaged,broken,or bent.
If your kit has been used for a while, and then suddenly stops working, first check whether the battery has power, then check whether the wiring of the controller is loose, disconnected, or melted, and finally check whether the instrument works normally and whether there is an error code display.
You need to connect the machine correctly and firmly during installation so that the product can work properly. If there is a mistake during the installation process, the product will not work properly.
Please read the manual completely before installation and use, and pay particular attention to the safety instructions included.
Please allow for slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

User-friendly Features

According to different road conditions and personal needs, it allows 5-gear speed adjustment. At the same time, when the riding speed is maintained, pressing the button key for 2-3 seconds will enter the cruise function, making the riding process easier!

Powerful Motor

With a 500w brushless gear motor, it can reach a maximum speed of 35-40KM/H. Compared to brush motors, it allows for smooth and low noise operation without replacing the brush, thus making maintenance easier. The speed can be up to 40km/h, which is very fast and can give you a good riding experience.

Safe and Reliable

The brake lever can cut off the power supply of the motor in case of emergency braking, so that the bicycle can stop in time to ensure riding safety.

Dual Mode Controller

The motor works under Hall effect and non-Hall effect. If the component fails, the controller will switch to non-Hall effect mode and the motor will continue to work.

In conclusion, the 27.5″ Front Wheel Hub Electric Bike Conversion Kit,36V 500W Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit is a high-quality and reliable solution for adding electric power to your bicycle. With its user-friendly features, powerful motor, and safe and reliable operation, it is perfect for anyone looking to retrofit their two-wheeled bike with an electric motor. Please make sure to follow the installation and safety instructions included with the package for the best and safest use of this electric bike conversion kit.

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