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The 3 in 1 Universal Electric Scooter Charger is a versatile and efficient charging solution for a wide range of electric scooters and other devices. Designed to be compatible with a variety of models including Razor E100, E200, E300, E125, E150, E500, E175 PR200, E225S, E325S, MX350, Dirt Quad, Sports Mod, and Pocket Mod, this charger offers convenience and reliability for users.

The charger has a 29.4V/24V 2A output and features multiple ports to accommodate different types of connections. With three different port sizes – 0.31 inches (8 millimeters), 0.47 inches (12 millimeters), and 0.216 inches (5.5 * 2.1 millimeters)/(5.5 * 2.5 millimeters) – users are provided with the flexibility to charge multiple devices with varying port sizes.

Upon reviewing the product specifications, it’s clear that the charger is compatible with a wide range of scooter models, eliminating the need for multiple chargers for different devices. This can help to declutter your workspace and reduce the risk of confusion when charging multiple devices.

The charger’s built-in smart chip ensures comprehensive safety measures, providing protection against overvoltage, overcharge, and short-circuiting. The shell of the charger is also fire retardant, adding an extra layer of safety to the charging process.

Ease of use is a key feature of the 3 in 1 Universal Electric Scooter Charger. Its design is intended to provide a more convenient and streamlined charging experience, allowing users to charge their devices with ease and efficiency.

As for build quality, the charger is made with high-quality materials, delivering a durable and reliable charging solution. The manufacturer, SANJOON, is a professional electric scooter charger manufacturer, and their engineers are committed to continuously improving the safety and ease of use of their products. With a focus on quality assurance, users can have confidence in the reliability and performance of this charger.

It’s worth noting that while the charger is versatile and compatible with a wide range of models, users are advised to check the specific port requirements of their devices before purchasing. The 3 in 1 Universal Electric Scooter Charger is not compatible with electric cars and should not be used for electric mobile devices.

In conclusion, the 3 in 1 Universal Electric Scooter Charger offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for charging various electric scooters and devices. Its compatibility with a wide range of models, combined with its safety features and ease of use, make it a reliable and convenient charging accessory. With a focus on quality and safety, SANJOON has delivered a product that meets the needs of electric scooter users, providing peace of mind and efficiency in their charging routines.

If you have any questions about this 3 in 1 electric scooter charger, please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory reply. With its versatile and user-friendly design, the 3 in 1 Universal Electric Scooter Charger is a valuable addition to the toolkit of any electric scooter user.

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