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Enhance Your Ride with FIRSTAKKU 36V 15A Ebike Battery

There’s no denying that E-bikes have taken the transportation world by storm – they’re eco-friendly, relatively inexpensive, and remarkably flexible. But, for promoting optimal performance, you need quality accessories, chief among them, the battery. Designed to boost your ride experience, the FIRSTAKKU 36V 15A Ebike battery has proven to be a game-changer in this aspect.

Versatile Use for Various E-bikes

One of the key points of appreciation for this Ebike Battery Pack is its wide applicability. Whether you own an electric bike, scooter, or any 50 to 1000W motor-bike, the FIRSTAKKU 36V 15A Ebike battery is suitable for almost all. Its universal mounting bracket attaches to water bottle screw holes on most vehicles, allowing you the convenience of easy installation.

Plus, with the added benefit of a USB port, you have the flexibility to charge your other devices on the go. You can now keep your phone charged during long bike rides without worrying about battery drainage.

Safety Comes First

The FIRSTAKKU Ebike battery takes safety measures to a higher level. It has an inbuilt BMS security protection system, which intelligently identifies the current. This vital feature provides a safeguard against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting. Similarly, the Safe Lock mechanism prevents the battery from being stolen, providing you with peace of mind when your e-bike is parked in a crowded area.

With FIRSTAKKU, you can truly trust in the safety protection of their products.

Long service life with Powerful Performance

The FIRSTAKKU Ebike Battery provides value for money with its impressive service life and high durability. With a charge cycle that exceeds 1100 cycles and a life expectancy of up to 5 years, the performance of this battery is nothing short of spectacular.

After 900 cycles, the battery capacity remains greater than 80%, demonstrating its robust nature and resistance to gradual performance degradation. Notably, it provides a cruising range of 60-65 kilometers in a pure electric state depending on the ambient temperature, and an incredible 200-210 kilometers in an economical state.

Swift charging & LED Power Indicator

Unlike some batteries that require a lot of time to charge, the FIRSTAKKU ebike battery comes with a 3A charger that not only reduces your charging time but also ensures a full charge. The LED power indicator is equally a handy feature: It’s a friendly reminder for you to keep your battery charged on time.

Unparalleled Customer service

FIRSTAKKU extends its excellent performance ethos to their customer service and warranties. With a one-year free maintenance service, you’re assured of support for any unforeseen challenges that you might encounter.

If these factors are any indication, this Ebike battery pack stands out for its robust feature-set, safety measures, and extended lifespan, (coupled with a quick charging time) which can remarkably enhance the overall experience of e-bike users. For a convenient and uninterrupted ride every time, the FIRSTAKKU 36V Ebike battery is indeed a great choice.

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