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The 36V 17Ah Lithium Ebike Battery is a critical component for transforming your electric bicycle into a powerful and vibrant machine. This efficient and durable device comes with a plethora of exceptional features that sets it apart from other batteries in the market. The package encompasses a 2A rapid charger capable of powering off-road e-bikes with 250W to 1000W motors. This review offers an in-depth look into the product’s main features, guidelines on how to store and maintain it, and an insight into how the battery impacts the performance of your electric bike.

Design and Specifications

The 36V, 17Ah Ebike Lithium Battery is more than just a battery pack. It is a combination of design features that makes it worth every dime. The battery comes with a secure lock feature that ensures it cannot be stolen when you park your e-bike in public places. Its LED power indicator provides real-time information on the battery level, reminding you when it’s time to recharge. The design also incorporates a power switch that minimizes battery power loss and a 30A Battery Management System (BMS) that enhances its safety by effectively protecting it from damage. The battery is wrapped in a waterproof casing that prevents internal damage, thus making it a reliable choice for outdoor environments.

Performance and Capacity

The 36V, 17Ah lithium Ebike battery is an epitome of power and durability. Made from Automotive grade A cells, the battery goes through a stringent QC appearance and functionality test before it’s made available for purchase. Its charge cycle surpasses 1000 times, and it retains ≥80% of its capacity after 800 cycles. This impressive durability promises not only an excellent riding experience but also a good return on investment as it minimizes the need for frequent replacements.

Application and Compatibility

The application scope of this battery is incredibly versatile. However, to ensure that it’s suitable for your device, you need to check voltage compatibility. The controller’s voltage must be 36V, and its rated current should be ≤30A. Additionally, the motor wattage should range between 0-1000W. You also need to consider battery size (367*95*122MM) to ensure it fits your battery space. If all these factors check, the 36V, 17Ah Ebike battery will be perfect for upgrading and transforming your electric bicycle, tricycle, or scooter.

Package and Additional Components

The packing list includes everything that you need: 1 x 36V 17Ah Ebike Battery, 1 x 2A Battery Charger, 1 x Battery Holder, 1 x Male XT-60, 2 x Keys, and 6 x Screw Bolts. The inclusion of these components ensures an easy installation process, thus making it a user-friendly product.

Storage and Maintenance

While this battery provides superior performance, it also demands proper maintenance and care. It’s not suitable for long-term empty storage and should be charged more than 50% for storage purposes. The battery should be recharged every 30 days to prevent it from going completely blank. Additionally, if your e-bike motor operates on 36V, it’s advisable to buy the 36V Ebike battery, not a 48V one. These storage and maintenance guidelines ensure that your battery retains its health and delivers exceptional performance over time.


The 36V 17Ah Lithium Ebike Battery and 2A charger is an excellent product package, offering value for money. Its amazing performance, versatility, durability, and protective measures adopted in its design make it a top-notch choice among e-bike enthusiasts. The inclusion of the user-friendly installation guide and essential components ensures it’s a viable choice for both novices and seasoned e-bike riders. This powerful battery is indeed a game-changer that can transform your e-biking experience.

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