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If you’re looking to upgrade your electric scooter, electric bike, or go-kart, the Kunray 4400RPM 2500W 60V Electric Scooter Motor Brushless DC Motor Kit might just be the solution you’re looking for. With a powerful 45A speed controller, throttle, foot pedal, and easy installation, this kit has everything you need to take your vehicle to the next level.

Kunray Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd. is a research, development, and production company specializing in high-end electronic motor controllers and accessories for e-bikes and other electric travel products. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been committed to technological innovation and quality-based practices.

The company’s range of products is designed to solve the common problems faced by electric vehicle enthusiasts, such as the need for more powerful and efficient motors, reliable speed controllers, and easy-to-install kits. The Kunray 4400RPM 2500W 60V Electric Scooter Motor Brushless DC Motor Kit is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions for electric travel products.

One of the standout features of this motor kit is its compact size and high speed. The BLDC mid-drive motor comes with a T8F sprocket and a mounting bracket, making installation and transportation easy. Additionally, the motor is equipped with air cooling holes to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance.

Another innovative feature of this motor kit is its reverse design. The BLDC kart motor can run in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, making it incredibly versatile. Moreover, it has a 3-speed function, allowing you to adjust the speed according to your preferences. With low-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed modes, you have full control over your vehicle’s performance.

The included 24 Mosfet 45A brushless motor controller is a high-quality component designed to maximize efficiency and reliability. This speed controller is equipped with a range of functions, including Hall, reverse, throttle, charging, electronic brake, power lock, and light controls, ensuring a smooth and safe riding experience.

The kit also includes a handlebar throttle, a pedal throttle, a power lock key, a T8F tooth plate ring, a T8F chain, and a 3-speed switch, providing everything you need for a comprehensive upgrade. Whether you have an electric scooter, electric bicycle, mini motorcycle, off-road vehicle, electric kart, or any other DIY electric project, this kit is suitable for a wide range of applications.

When it comes to electric travel products, Kunray Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd. goes above and beyond mere sales. The company also offers OEM services, personalized solutions for different customers, and one-stop services, making it a reliable and trustworthy partner for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

In summary, the Kunray 4400RPM 2500W 60V Electric Scooter Motor Brushless DC Motor Kit is a complete solution that offers power, versatility, and ease of installation. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional looking to upgrade your electric vehicle, this kit has everything you need to take your riding experience to the next level. With its compact size, high-speed capabilities, versatile design, and comprehensive set of components, it’s a top choice for anyone looking to optimize their electric travel product.

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