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The CBJJ 48V 17Ah Ebike Battery is a high-quality battery designed for use with 0-1000W electric bikes. With a rated capacity of 17000mAh, this lithium battery provides a high power output to meet the energy demands of electric mountain bikes for high-speed riding and uphill climbs. The battery is equipped with 1 LED indicator lights, a safe anti-theft lock, a USB charge port, a battery power switch, and a mounting plate for easy installation.

One of the key features of this ebike battery is its long lifespan. With the ability to withstand up to 800 charge cycles, this battery is built to last and maintain optimal performance over time. This not only provides peace of mind for users, knowing that they won’t have to replace the battery frequently, but also helps to reduce replacement costs in the long run.

In addition to its durability, the CBJJ 48V 17Ah Ebike Battery is also designed with safety in mind. The battery comes equipped with a fuse and a BMS protective board to protect against overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent, and short circuits. This ensures that the battery operates safely and reliably during use, giving users the confidence to ride without worry.

The PVC outer layer of the battery provides insulation and wear resistance, further enhancing the durability and safety of the battery. This protective coating helps to shield the battery from external elements, ensuring that it remains in good condition even in challenging riding conditions.

When it comes to customer service, CBJJ goes above and beyond to provide support for their products. They offer a warranty and lifetime technical support for their ebike battery, ensuring that customers can get assistance if they encounter any issues with the product. This level of service is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.

Overall, the CBJJ 48V 17Ah Ebike Battery is a high-quality and reliable option for electric mountain bike riders looking for a powerful and durable battery. With its long lifespan, high power output, and safety features, this battery is sure to enhance the riding experience for users. Whether you’re tackling challenging terrain or cruising through the city, this battery is up to the task.

In conclusion, the CBJJ 48V 17Ah Ebike Battery is a top-of-the-line option for electric bike enthusiasts. With its long lifespan, high power output, safety features, and excellent customer service, this battery stands out as a reliable and versatile choice for riders of all levels. Upgrade your electric mountain bike with this premium battery and enjoy smoother rides and longer adventures with confidence.

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