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The 58mm Omni Rack Easy Wheels (Super Noise Reduction Edition) for Brompton Folding Bike & Electric Bicycle, Green Limited Omni-Direction Roller Replacement Accessories with Bearing [M6*45MM/60MM Screw] is an upgrade from the standard easy wheels that come with a Brompton bike, and it provides a more enhanced and advanced experience for Brompton riders.

With an outer diameter of 58mm and a thickness of 25mm for each wheel, the Omni Rack Easy Wheels are designed to seamlessly fit the A, C, T line, and other Brompton bike models that have been manufactured since 2015. These wheels are made from a softer material (65A) compared to the old version (95A), making them not only quieter but also providing a more comfortable ride without compromising on durability and performance. With the softer material, the wheels are less noisy when being pushed, making it ideal for indoor use in areas such as offices, shopping malls, and subways.

The Omni Rack Easy Wheels come in a package that includes a pair of wheels, 1 set of accessories, and 20 pieces of counter wheels as a spare pack. The counter wheels have a hardness of 95A, 75A, or 65A, making them suitable for different riding needs. Additionally, the package contains M6 screws, nuts, bearings, and buckets, making the installation of the wheels a straightforward process.

What makes these Omni Rack Easy Wheels stand out is the fact that they come with a strengthened shaft. The normal plastic shaft is replaced with an aluminum alloy shaft, providing the wheels with a higher load capacity and increased durability. The SUS 304 shaft at the key shaft part has an overall lifespan that is 3-5 times longer than that of nylon shafts, giving riders the confidence in the wheel’s longevity and strength.

With the main body being made of nylon PA material, the wheels have strong fatigue resistance, and the overall service life is several times that of ABS material. This ensures that the wheels are rugged and built to withstand daily use, whether it be on rough terrains or smooth surfaces.

One of the key features of the Omni Rack Easy Wheels is their ability to allow full 360-degree rotation, providing riders with enhanced maneuverability when the Brompton bike is folded. This makes it easier to guide the bike in any direction, whether it be forward, backward, or even sideways, providing unparalleled convenience for riders needing to navigate crowded urban environments or tight spaces.

For Brompton bike owners who have been looking for wheels that can be conveniently used without the need for additional storage, the Omni Rack Easy Wheels provide a solution. These wheels can be installed on the rear fork and do not require additional shelving, making the process of upgrading the wheels seamless and hassle-free.

One of the common complaints with regular Omni wheels has been the noise that they produce. The normal Omni wheels were louder than regular easy wheels and produced a harsh noise when used on tile or marble surfaces. This could be a significant drawback, particularly for riders who use their bikes in indoor environments. However, the Super Noise Reduction Edition of the Omni Rack Easy Wheels has addressed this issue. The upgraded version of the wheels has been designed to produce significantly less noise, making them more suitable for use indoors or in noise-sensitive environments such as offices or residential areas.

The fully functional package makes the overall experience of upgrading to the Omni Rack Easy Wheels straightforward and provides added value to users. For those who value silence and want a smooth riding experience, the inclusion of the spare accessories bag and replacement counter wheels in the package ensures that riders can easily maintain their wheels and always have a spare set on hand.

The outstanding noises of the wheels and energy efficiency make it easier for riders to push and drive in all directions while the bike is folded, adding an extra layer of convenience to the overall experience.

Customers who have purchased the Omni Rack Easy Wheels have expressed satisfaction with their experience using these wheels. The product has received acclaim for its durability, maneuverability, and noise reduction. Riders have found that the wheels deliver on their promises and have significantly improved the riding experience on their Brompton bikes.

There are a few questions and answers provided by the manufacturer, addressing common concerns about the product. For instance, customers are informed that the wheels are capable of bearing a weight of 20KG and that the sound level is acceptable, especially after the upgrade to the noise reduction edition.

The Omni Rack Easy Wheels are an excellent choice for Brompton bike owners who are looking to improve their riding experience. With the innovative design, high-load capacity, durability, and noise reduction, these wheels make for a valuable upgrade that significantly improves the functionality of the Brompton bike. Overall, the wheels provide an enhanced riding experience for Brompton riders, making them a recommended choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bike’s wheels.

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