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Review: 72 Volt 3.0 Amp Quick-Charge 3-Pin Lead Acid Battery Charger

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient battery charger for your 72V electric street scooters, EMMO, E-bikes, go-karts, and big toys trike? Look no further than the 72 Volt 3.0 Amp Quick-Charge 3-Pin Lead Acid Battery Charger. This charger is designed to provide faster and safer charging for 72V 20AH and 32AH AGM SLA batteries, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to keep their electric vehicles powered up and ready to go.


This charger is specifically designed for electric scooters and bicycles powered by a 72V lead acid battery pack with a 3-pin charging port. It is also compatible with Big Toys Baja Electric 72V, as well as other brands of 72V go-karts and electric bikes using the same connector. It is important to note that this charger is not compatible with 60V, 48V, or 36V scooters, and it is not intended for use with lithium-ion batteries.

Charging Indicator

The charger is equipped with a red LED indicator to show when charging is in progress, and a green LED to indicate when the battery is fully charged or when it is safe to disconnect the charger. This feature provides added convenience and peace of mind, allowing you to easily monitor the charging process and ensure that your battery is properly charged.

Security Protection

This 72V charger is FCC/CE/RoHS approved, providing assurance of its safety and quality. It also includes security protection features such as over-voltage protection (OVP), over-current protection (OCP), overload protection, and short-circuit protection. These safeguards help to protect both the charger and the batteries from potential damage, giving you added confidence in the reliability of the charger.

Money Back Guarantee

As an added assurance of quality, the 72 Volt 3.0 Amp Quick-Charge 3-Pin Lead Acid Battery Charger comes with a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the manufacturer for a full refund or replacement, demonstrating the commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.

Overall, the 72 Volt 3.0 Amp Quick-Charge 3-Pin Lead Acid Battery Charger is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient charger for their 72V AGM SLA batteries. With its compatibility, charging indicators, security protection, and money-back guarantee, this charger offers peace of mind and convenience for all of your charging needs.

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