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The ADDMOTOR Electric Bike for Adults, the M-140 R7 20″ Fat Tire Ebike, is a truly remarkable e-bike that provides exceptional performance and reliability. With a powerful 750W motor, a long-lasting 48V 20Ah removable battery, and a folding design, this electric bike is perfect for riders looking for a versatile and efficient mode of transportation.

The integrated wheel of the M-140 R7 offers sturdy support in challenging terrain, reducing front wind resistance while giving the bike a sleek and attractive appearance. The compact integrated wheel adds to the bike’s overall aesthetic appeal, making it a stylish choice for riders seeking both performance and design.

Equipped with a high-speed rear hub brushless motor rated at 750 Watts, the M-140 R7 is capable of tackling various terrains, including sand, snow, uphill, downhill, and flat roads. The bike’s powerful motor ensures that riders can confidently traverse different environments without worrying about the bike breaking down.

The bike’s long-lasting lithium battery is a standout feature, providing riders with a high capacity of 20Ah and a range of 55-65 miles on a single charge using level one pedal assist. The battery’s durability and performance make it a reliable power source for long-distance rides, and its charging time of 7-8 hours ensures that riders can quickly recharge and get back on the road.

In addition to its powerful motor and long-lasting battery, the M-140 R7 is equipped with an aluminum front fork suspension that enhances the overall smoothness and comfort of the biking experience. Whether riding on snow, gravel, muddy paths, or hilly terrain, the bike’s suspension system ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The package includes essential accessories such as a rear rack, fenders, a headlight, and a tool set, offering riders convenience and practicality. The bike’s easy assembly and excellent service support also make it a hassle-free option for riders looking for a user-friendly e-bike.

The overall performance, reliability, and stylish design of the ADDMOTOR M-140 R7 make it an excellent choice for riders seeking a high-quality electric bike. Its integrated wheel, powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and suspension system create a versatile and efficient mode of transportation that can handle a wide range of terrains and environments.

Overall, the ADDMOTOR M-140 R7 20″ Fat Tire Ebike combines performance, reliability, and style to provide an exceptional electric bike for riders seeking a versatile and efficient mode of transportation. Whether navigating city streets or tackling more rugged terrain, this e-bike is a reliable and stylish option for riders of all experience levels.

The ADDMOTOR brand specializes in fat tire electric bikes, offering riders a diverse range of styles and reliable quality. With over 10 years of experience, ADDMOTOR has established itself as a leader in the electric bike industry, providing riders with innovative and high-performing e-bikes that deliver exceptional performance and style.

Whether seeking a city folding electric trike, a 2-seat electric trike, a foldable electric bike/trike, or other electric bike accessories, ADDMOTOR offers a variety of options to suit different riding needs. From high-performance motors to long-lasting batteries and stylish designs, ADDMOTOR’s range of electric bikes and accessories caters to riders looking for reliable, efficient, and stylish transportation options.

For riders seeking a high-quality, reliable, and stylish electric bike, the ADDMOTOR M-140 R7 20″ Fat Tire Ebike is an excellent choice. With its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, integrated wheel, and suspension system, this e-bike offers riders a versatile and efficient mode of transportation that can handle various terrains and environments. ADDMOTOR’s commitment to quality and performance makes it a standout brand in the electric bike industry, providing riders with innovative and stylish transportation options.

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