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The AKaSping 36V E-Bike Front Wheel/Rear Conversion Kit: A High-Performance Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

If you’re looking to upgrade your regular bike to an e-bike, the AKaSping 36V E-Bike Front Wheel/Rear Conversion Kit may be the perfect solution for you. This conversion kit is designed to give your bike a boost, providing high-speed performance and excellent quality construction.

Excellent Quality

The AKaSping 36V E-Bike Front Wheel/Rear Conversion Kit is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring its stability and durability. Made of aluminium alloy, the kit is lightweight to minimize the load on your bike, while also ensuring it is strong and long-lasting. The surface of the kit has been carefully polished and painted to prevent oxidation and rust, further extending its service life. Additionally, the controller and motor cable are well-sealed to prevent rain from entering, ensuring safe riding in all weather conditions.

High Performance

This conversion kit is designed for high performance, with several features to enhance your riding experience. It is equipped with auxiliary sensors on the pedal that transmit your pedaling frequency and force to the controller, allowing it to adjust the motor speed accordingly. This feature improves riding safety and efficiency, making your e-bike easier to ride. The spokes of the wheels are also thickened and reinforced to evenly distribute stress points and enhance the weight-bearing capacity of the kit. The wheel surface is engraved with various patterns to increase friction and prevent slippage, ensuring a stable and smooth ride.


The AKaSping 36V E-Bike Front Wheel/Rear Conversion Kit comes with an LCD display that provides real-time information, including speed, maximum speed, average speed, total mileage, single mileage, battery power, auxiliary gear/speed level, and cruise control. This display allows you to better understand your riding situation, enhancing your overall experience. The kit is suitable for converting 27.5-inch bikes from regular to e-bikes, making it perfect for bikers, commuters, cyclists, and students. With its high performance and safety features, this kit is designed to provide you with a wonderful riding experience.

Important Note

It’s essential to note that this product is a bicycle conversion kit and does not include batteries or tires. It is important to purchase compatible tires and batteries separately to ensure a complete e-bike setup. Additionally, it’s crucial to carefully confirm whether this kit matches your bike model before purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, the manufacturer is available to provide you with high-quality service and a pleasant shopping experience.

In conclusion, the AKaSping 36V E-Bike Front Wheel/Rear Conversion Kit is a high-quality and high-performance conversion kit designed to enhance your riding experience. With its excellent construction, advanced features, and application versatility, this kit offers a great solution for those looking to upgrade their regular bike to an e-bike. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend cyclist, this conversion kit can provide you with a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride.

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