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Awolsrgiop 24 Inch Electric Bike Conversion Kit: A Complete Review

Are you looking to transform your regular bicycle into an electric one? Then the Awolsrgiop 24 Inch Electric Bike Conversion Kit may be just what you need. With a 36V 500W electric bicycle rear wheel motor hub set, this conversion kit provides everything you need to add an electric motor to your bike. With a dual-mode controller, LCD display, and waterproof controller bag, this kit offers both convenience and functionality. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features, specifications, and included accessories to help you determine if this conversion kit is the right fit for your needs.


Do you want to convert your favorite bicycle into an electric bicycle to enjoy its power and comfort? Then you can’t miss our electric bicycle motor conversion kit. The display and pedal sensor will allow you to quickly switch between throttle control, cruise control and pedal assist sensor (PAS) to enjoy feeling the headwind on the road. It will be ideal for you!


The Awolsrgiop 24 Inch Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a range of specifications designed to provide a powerful and reliable electric biking experience. With a sturdy aluminum alloy construction in a sleek black color, this conversion kit includes a brushless gear motor, 5 gears for gear adjustment, and compatibility with both V Brake and Disc Brake systems. With a recommended battery of 36V 13AH or higher, the 36V 500W motor offers a top speed of 30-35km/h, making it suitable for a variety of riding conditions. With a display size of 6.8*9.6cm, this 24-inch motor wheel kit weighs 17.63lbs and has a loading capacity of 264lbs.

Package Included

The comprehensive package includes all necessary accessories for assembly, including the motor wheel, display, brake levers, throttles, pedal sensor, controller, thumb knob handle, and controller bag. This all-inclusive kit provides everything you need to convert your bike into an electric one without the need for additional purchases.


When installing the kit, it’s important to connect the controller to the wires properly to avoid damage. Additionally, customers should be aware that this kit does not include tires, batteries, and chargers, so these components will need to be purchased separately. Finally, this kit is designed specifically for the rear wheel of a two-wheeled bike and is not suitable for three-wheelers or multi-wheelers.

Overall, the Awolsrgiop 24 Inch Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a complete set of components and accessories to convert your bicycle into an electric one. With a robust construction, user-friendly functions, and waterproof controller bag, this kit provides convenience, reliability, and performance for your electric biking needs. If you’re considering converting your bike, this kit may be worth a closer look.

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