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BAFANG 48V750W Motor Kit Integrated Rear Drive Hub Motor & Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit with LCD Dispaly for 20 Inch Fat Electric Bicycle with Battery and Charger(Optional)

If you’re looking to convert your regular fat bike into a powerful and efficient electric bicycle, the BAFANG 48V750W Motor Kit is the perfect solution. This kit comes with an integrated rear drive hub motor and front wheel conversion kit, along with optional battery and charger. Let’s take a closer look at its specifications, features, and included items.

1) Max Speed: 45KM/H
2) IP-Level: IP XS
3) Operating Temperature: -20-45℃
4) Wheel: 20 inches Applicable tire: 20″ x 4.0″
5) Rim material: aluminum alloy
6) Make sure that the rear drop height is 175 mm
7) Freewheel is cassette. For disc brakes only
8) Brake System: Brake levers (default) If you need hydraulic brake sensors, please email us after you place an order
9) Safety Integrated Wheel: Come with front and rear hub wheel, thicker hub of the wheel can be more safe and stable. The installation doesn’t need to move chains or gears, making it more efficient and safe

Optional Ebike Battery:
– Shark battery 48V 17.5Ah/18AH/20Ah
– U004 battery 48V20A

Warm Tips: Please double-check the battery’s size and choose the type that fits your bike.

Package list:
– Integrated rear wheel hub motor with rear and front wheels, no tires
– Brake levers (Default)
– Optional displays (DM03 / C961 / 500C /DZ40/ EKD01 / 850C / P850C / P860C / DPC18 / 800S)
– Optional battery (No battery/shark battery 48V17.5A/ 48V18A/48V20A. U004 battery 48V20A)
– Left PAS sensor
– Right PAS sensor
– Motor extension cable
– Thumb throttle
– 1T4 cable
– Controller box
– BAFANG 48V 750W controller
– Installation nuts
– Gifts: 1 * Headlight + 1 * XT60 interface connector cable

Powerful Motivation:
Equipped with the BAFANG 750W Motor, this conversion kit offers powerful and quiet performance. With a maximum torque of 80Nm, it can reach speeds of up to 38-45 KM/H. The efficiency is also impressive, with a rating of ≥80%. You’ll have full control at all times and enjoy extremely sensitive responsiveness.

Two Riding Modes:
The BAFANG Motor Kit allows you to switch between pure electric mode and assist mode at will. This means you can enjoy a completely effortless ride or choose to pedal while still receiving support from the motor. The kit is compatible with most 20-inch fat bikes with a 175mm rear hub wheel, such as snow bikes and beach bikes.

LCD Digital Display:
The included LCD display ensures you can easily read your riding information. With its colorful backlight, you’ll have high visibility statistics whether it’s day or night. It’s worth noting that the display can be optional, depending on your preference.

The BAFANG 48V750W Motor Kit comes with a one-year warranty. If you encounter any quality issues, you can enjoy a replacement or maintenance service. With a North American after-sales service center, you’ll have access to technical support and maintenance. If you have any questions, their customer support team is available 24/7 and will respond to your queries promptly.

In conclusion, the BAFANG 48V750W Motor Kit is an excellent choice for converting your 20-inch fat bike into a powerful and efficient electric bicycle. With its powerful motor, two riding modes, LCD display, and warranty, this kit offers everything you need for an enhanced and enjoyable riding experience. Upgrade your fat bike today and ride with confidence, knowing that BAFANG has your back.

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