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BFAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit 48V 500W Rear Hub Motor: A Powerful and Efficient Solution

The BAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit 48V 500W Rear Hub Motor is a top-notch product that offers an easy and cost-effective way to convert your disc bicycle into a powerful electric bike. With its impressive specifications and comprehensive packing list, this conversion kit provides all the necessary tools and components for a smooth and hassle-free installation.

48V 500W Rear Hub Motor Specifications

The BFSWX02 48V 500W rear hub motor is designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability. With a maximum torque of 45 N.m and an efficiency rating of over 80%, this motor delivers powerful and smooth acceleration. Its construction features a gear drive system, ensuring a seamless and efficient transfer of power to the rear wheel.

Rated at 48V and 500W, this motor is capable of delivering an impressive top speed of 38-40 KMH, making it suitable for a variety of riding conditions. Additionally, the noise grade is below 55 dB, ensuring a quiet and comfortable riding experience.

Packing List

The BAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit includes all the necessary components for a successful installation. The packing list includes:

  • 1 PC Hub Motor with Rim and Spokes
  • 1 PC Motor Controller
  • 1 PC Controller Box (Not Battery)
  • 1 PC Display (Optional)
  • 1 PC 1T4 Cable
  • 1 PC Motor Extension Cable
  • 1 PC Thumb Throttle
  • 1 PC PAS Sensor (Both Type 1 and Type 2 are included)
  • 1 Pair Brake Levers
  • 1 PC Battery (Optional)
  • 1 PC Charger (Optional)

In addition, the conversion kit includes some free gifts, including a front light and an XT60 Port Connection Cable.

Warm Tips for Installation and Usage

Before installing and using the conversion kit, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. The rear drop out size (OLD) should be 138mm, and the disc brake size should match the specifications shown in the picture provided for installation reference.
  2. Be aware that the gear shift may be different from both the freewheel and the cassette. Refer to the provided picture for proper understanding.
  3. When ordering, choose your preferred battery option from the available colors. If no battery is selected, it will not be included and will be shipped separately.
  4. Ensure the battery is kept out of reach of children and never try to open it. Additionally, handle the battery with gloves or a cloth and avoid any contact with acid to prevent harm.

Maintenance & Warranty

The BAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit comes with a one-year warranty and reliable US maintenance service and technical support. If you encounter any issues with the kit, feel free to contact the support team at 7255775223, and they will respond promptly to resolve the problem.

In conclusion, the BAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit 48V 500W Rear Hub Motor is an excellent choice for cyclists looking to upgrade their disc bicycles into powerful electric bikes. Its impressive specifications, comprehensive packing list, and dedicated customer support make it a reliable and efficient solution. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your cycling experience with this exceptional conversion kit!

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