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The BAIZIFU DIY Electric Bike Conversion kit 250W Brushless Motor and Controller is an economical and user-friendly kit for converting a regular bicycle into an electrically powered vehicle. This kit is suitable for 16-26 inch bicycles and has a motor voltage of 36-48V, with a power of 250W.

The kit contains a brushless motor, an electric controller, a clutch switch, a thumb throttle, a mounting baffle, and quick screws. The installation and removal of this kit are relatively easy, and the kit is designed with strong concealment, allowing it to seamlessly blend into the design of the bicycle.

One of the most significant benefits of this conversion kit is its versatility. It can be used for pure electric riding or assisted riding, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of transportation. With a brushless motor, this kit provides a smooth and efficient power delivery, making it ideal for everyday commuters and cycling enthusiasts.

In terms of safety features, the kit is equipped with an overheating protection mechanism. If the motor temperature exceeds 90 Celsius, the controller will cut off the power supply and work normally after cooling down, ensuring the safety of the rider as well as the longevity of the motor and controller.

However, it is important to note that the final effect of the electric bike conversion kit is related to the bicycle tire and installation skills. Therefore, it is crucial for users to carefully look at the picture instructions before installing the kit. Additionally, if the bicycle tire is seriously aged, it needs to be replaced before installation to avoid tire wear and ensure optimal performance.

It is also essential to consider the battery type and parameters when using this conversion kit. The suitable battery type for this kit is 36V/48V, with a capacity of 8-25 Ah, providing a travel range of approximately 20-50km. Users should ensure that their battery meets these specifications to achieve the best performance from the electric bike conversion kit.

Another important consideration when using this kit is the type of bicycle it can be installed on. It is not suitable for installation on general 16-inch bicycles; instead, it is best suited for 16-26 inch bicycles. Before purchasing the kit, users should confirm that their bicycle can accommodate the kit by referring to the main picture provided.

In addition to the installation requirements, the function of the supercharger is related to the tread pattern of the tire. Shallow-tread tires are better suited for this kit than deep-tread tires. If the bicycle tire has a deep tread, it is recommended to coat it with a little glass cement to increase friction and optimize the performance of the electric bike conversion kit.

The BAIZIFU DIY Electric Bike Conversion kit is made of aluminum alloy and plastic, ensuring durability and reliability. It is designed to fit city bikes, cruiser bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of bicycles. The size of the kit is 160x120x80mm (6.3×4.7x3in), making it compact and easy to install without compromising the overall aesthetics of the bicycle.

This electric bike conversion kit is suitable for various model bicycles, labeled as A/B/C/D, and comes with clear instructions on how to determine the compatibility of the kit with different bicycle models. It is important for users to carefully follow the instructions and, if necessary, seek assistance from the seller to ensure a smooth installation process.

Overall, the BAIZIFU DIY Electric Bike Conversion kit 250W Brushless Motor and Controller is a practical, user-friendly, and affordable solution for anyone looking to convert their existing bicycle into an electrically powered vehicle. With its versatile features and safety mechanisms, this kit offers an enjoyable riding experience for daily commutes, leisure rides, and outdoor adventures. Whether used for pure electric riding or assisted pedaling, this conversion kit provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional bicycles.

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