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The BANLICALI Bike Motor Kit 36V 350W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is an excellent product for those looking to convert their regular bike into an electric one. With a powerful motor, LCD display, and easy installation, this conversion kit offers a great way to upgrade your cycling experience. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications, package details, and unique features of this product.

The BANLICALI Bike Motor Kit features a 36V 350W electric motor with a rotational speed of 300rpm and a torque of 30N.M. The motor can reach a speed of 35km/h with an efficiency of ≥82%. The package weighs 8.5kg/18.74 lbs and includes a 26-inch aluminum wheel, controller, LCD display, throttle, pedal assistant sensor, power-off brake lever, light, controller bag, and all accessories for assembly.

Aluminum Rim
The rim of the electric wheel in this set is made of excellent aluminum, which is water-proof and durable, extending its service life. This ensures a smooth and reliable ride, even in challenging conditions.

Clear LCD Display
The clear LCD display provides essential information such as speed, power, mileage, and other data. This allows you to monitor the performance of your electric bike at a glance, ensuring a safe and efficient ride.

Pedal Assistant Sensor
The pedal assist sensor senses the rhythm of the pedal and adjusts the speed of motor rotation accordingly, providing power assist without the need to constantly hold the throttle. This feature helps to avoid wrist pain caused by continuous pressure, offering a more comfortable riding experience.

Controller Bag
The inclusion of a controller bag provides a convenient and stylish way to store the controller, ensuring easy access while keeping the overall appearance of the bike clean and organized.

Bright Light
The equipped light not only helps illuminate the road while riding but also enhances safety, ensuring visibility and awareness for both the rider and other road users.

This bike conversion kit is designed to fit 26-inch bikes, making it suitable for a wide range of standard bicycle models.

Easy Installation
The kit comes with all the necessary accessories for installation and a detailed manual, making the conversion process straightforward and efficient. With step-by-step instructions, you can easily install the kit and enjoy the benefits of an electric bike with minimal effort.

Diverse Functions
The kit offers a range of functions, including a five-speed adjustable system and a fixed-speed cruise function. This versatility allows for a customized riding experience, catering to different preferences and terrains.

Powerful Controller
Equipped with a 350W brushless and tooth gear motor, and a powerful controller, this conversion kit ensures a high current supply, allowing for extended range and easier riding.

After Sales Service
The manufacturer offers a commitment to customer satisfaction, providing support and solutions within 24 hours for any product-related inquiries or issues. This ensures a pleasant and reliable shopping experience for customers.

In conclusion, the BANLICALI Bike Motor Kit 36V 350W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit offers an impressive array of features and specifications, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to upgrade their standard bike to an electric one. With its durable construction, clear display, easy installation, and powerful performance, this conversion kit provides a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing the cycling experience.

1. Please ensure the use of compatible lead-acid or lithium batteries of the corresponding voltage.
2. It is recommended to carefully read the user manual and pay attention to safety precautions before use.
3. This kit is suitable for two-wheeled bicycles and not for three-wheeled or multi-wheeled vehicles.
4. Please allow for slight color differences and measurements inaccuracy due to manual measurement.
5. Tires are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately, with suitable tire sizes specified.

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