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Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. With the advancement in technology, electric bicycle components are also evolving to provide better performance and control. The DC 36V/48V 25A Sine Controller Waterproof Electric Bicycle Brushless Motor Speed Controller is one such component that promises to enhance the riding experience with stable and sensitive control.

Product Description

The DC 36V/48V 25A Sine Controller is designed to provide stable speed and sensitive braking and direction change control for electric bicycles. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, this controller is durable and reliable for long-term use. It features a waterproof design with fully waterproof connectors, ensuring maximum durability in any weather conditions.


– Item Type: Sine Controller
– Color: As Picture Shown
– Material: Aluminum Alloy
– Weight: Approx. 420g / 14.8oz
– Controller Box Size: Approx. 125x66x39mm / 4.9×2.6×1.5in
– Connector Type: Waterproof Connector
– Maximum Current: 25±1A
– Rated Voltage: DC 36V / 48V
– Speed Setting: 1-4.2V
– Rated Current: 12A
– Brake Input: Low Level
– Low Voltage: DC 30/40±0.5V
– Applicable Motor: Usually 750W Motor

Controller Wire Color Definition

1. Black Long Wire: Motor Wire
2. Red and Black Single Big Wire: Power Cord
3. Black Long Wire (Fine Hole): One for Four/One for Five (9 Cores)
4. Black Line and Red Head: Light Line
5. Black Wire and Yellow Head: Power Assist Sensor Wire

Package List

– 1 x Controller
– 1 x Manual


Stable and Sensitive Control

The brushless motor sine controller provides stable speed and sensitive braking and direction change control, giving the rider a smooth and seamless riding experience. Whether you’re cruising on flat terrain or tackling challenging inclines, this controller ensures precise control over your electric bicycle.

Waterproof Design

The fully waterproof connectors of the controller ensure maximum durability in any weather conditions. Rain or shine, you can rely on this controller to perform consistently without any risk of water damage. The high-performance wires and waterproof interfaces are built to last, ensuring low failure rates for long-term use.

Easy Installations

The electric bicycle sine controller is easy to install and use, thanks to the wiring identification instructions provided. Even for those who are not familiar with electronic components, the installation process is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply connect the corresponding line interface to realize the desired function and enjoy a hassle-free riding experience.

Wide Application

The sine controller is designed to be used in conjunction with products that are consistent with the communication protocol. It is compatible with KT series instrument products and requires a sine brushless motor for optimal performance. With its wide compatibility, this controller is suitable for a variety of electric bicycles powered by a 750W motor.


Overall, the DC 36V/48V 25A Sine Controller Waterproof Electric Bicycle Brushless Motor Speed Controller is a reliable and user-friendly component for enhancing the performance of electric bicycles. With its stable and sensitive control, waterproof design, easy installations, and wide application, this controller is a great addition to any electric bicycle setup. Whether you’re a casual rider or a commuting enthusiast, this controller will take your riding experience to the next level.

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