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Young Electric E-Scout Pro ST: The Ultimate Step-Through Electric Bike Experience

Young Electric has taken the E-Scout series to a whole new level with the introduction of the E-Scout Pro ST. This sleek and stylish electric bike is designed to provide riders with a seamless and enjoyable riding experience, whether they are cruising around the city or tackling off-road trails. With a focus on accessibility and style, the E-Scout Pro ST is a game-changer in the world of electric bikes.

### Introducing the New Design E-Scout Pro ST:

The Step-Through design of the E-Scout Pro ST eliminates the traditional top tube, allowing riders to effortlessly step through and mount the bike with ease. This innovative design feature makes the bike accessible to a wider range of riders and ensures a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Crafted with a hydro-formed 6061 high-strength aluminum frame, the E-Scout Pro ST is built to last and can handle whatever adventures you throw its way.

### Vibrant Personality and Optional Colors:

What sets the E-Scout Pro ST apart from other electric bikes is its vibrant personality. With optional colors available in Reed Yellow and Classic Blue, this bike exudes a youthful, sporty, and outdoor vibe that will make you stand out on the road. The design of the E-Scout Pro ST is not only functional but also visually striking, ensuring that every ride is a stylish and exciting experience.

### Powerful Core Components:

The heart of the E-Scout Pro ST lies in its powerful core components. With a 750W rear hub motor (peak 1000W), this electric bike can reach speeds of up to 28MPH with Class 3 precision. The 48V/20Ah 960Wh lithium-ion battery provides up to 80 miles of range per full charge and is concealed within the frame for easy charging and removal. The bike comes equipped with a 3A fast charger, allowing you to fully charge the battery in just around 6 hours.

### Performance Optimized Components:

The E-Scout Pro ST is equipped with high-quality components that are designed to optimize performance and ensure a smooth and controlled ride. With 7-speed shifters, hydraulic disc brakes, 26 x 4.0-inch fat tires, and an 80mm travel suspension fork with lockout, this electric bike is ready to tackle any terrain with ease. These components are sourced from branded bicycle accessory manufacturers, guaranteeing reliability and performance in every cycling adventure.

### Accessories Enhancing Safety & Riding Experience:

Safety is a top priority when it comes to electric biking, which is why the E-Scout Pro ST comes with a range of accessories to enhance your riding experience. The 3.5″ color display provides essential ride data such as battery life and speed, while the 15lux headlight and brake rear light ensure visibility on the road. The aluminum alloy rear rack adds utility, while the front and rear fenders keep you clean in various weather conditions. With a weight capacity of up to 330lbs, this electric bike is suitable for riders 5.6-6.2ft tall.

### Three Riding Modes:

The E-Scout Pro ST offers three riding modes to cater to different preferences and riding styles. In Pedal Assist Mode, the motor gradually increases power across PAS levels 1-5, reaching a maximum speed of 28mph and providing up to 80 miles of range per full charge. Throttle Assist Mode exclusively uses electric power controlled by the thumb throttle, reaching a max speed of 20mph and offering up to 40 miles of range per full charge. The Classic Bike Mode allows riders to enjoy traditional biking without electric assistance, providing a versatile and customizable riding experience.

### Dependable Service and Warranty:

Young Electric is committed to providing top-notch service and support for their customers. The E-Scout Pro ST arrives 95% pre-assembled, with comprehensive manuals and installation videos to guide you through the setup process. With a 5-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on electrical components, and a 1-year warranty on other mechanical parts, you can ride with peace of mind knowing that your electric bike is covered. For any inquiries or advice, reach out to Young Electric through Amazon messages and be sure to retain the original box for potential repacking needs during service or relocation.

In conclusion, the Young Electric E-Scout Pro ST is a standout in the world of electric bikes, offering a unique and accessible riding experience for riders of all skill levels. With its stylish design, powerful core components, optimized performance features, and safety-enhancing accessories, this electric bike is sure to elevate your cycling adventures to new heights. Whether you’re a city commuter or a trail enthusiast, the E-Scout Pro ST is a versatile and reliable option that will deliver a thrilling and enjoyable riding experience every time. Experience the joy of electric biking with the E-Scout Pro ST and embark on your next adventure with style and ease.

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