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This Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is a game-changer for bike enthusiasts who want to enjoy the benefits of electric power without having to invest in a brand new electric bike. Made from high-quality aluminum, iron, copper, and magnet steel, this kit is not only strong and durable but also resistant to deformity. Experience the thrill of the wind in your hair and effortlessly conquer hills with this conversion kit, giving you the ultimate riding experience that you deserve.


Suitable for retrofitting the front or rear wheel of a two-wheeled snow bike, this Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is perfect for bikes with 26/20-inch tires. Enhance the capabilities of your bike and transform it into an electric bike with ease.


– Color: Black
– Material: Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Magnet Steel
– Voltage: 48V\36V
– Power: 250, 350, 1000W
– Power Type: Lead-acid or Lithium Battery (Not Included)
– Installation Position: Rear\Front
– Motor Type: Brushless Hub Motor
– Braking Method: Disc Type
– Available Wheel Size: 26/20 inch
– Efficiency: ≥82%
– Motor Wheel Load Speed: Max 30km/h or 50km/h

Package Included

– 1* Motor Wheel
– 1* Controller
– 2* Handles
– 1 Set* Pedal Assistant Sensors
– 1* Controller Bag
– 1* English Manual
– Other Accessories for Assembly

Durable Quality

Constructed with high-quality metal material, this Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit ensures durability and longevity. With high hardness and strong impact resistance, the kit is built to withstand various riding conditions. Additionally, its lightweight design reduces the overall weight of the bike, enhancing riding comfort.


Designed for 20-inch bicycle frames, this e-bike conversion kit is compatible with both V-brakes and disc brakes. However, it is important to carefully confirm if the product matches your bike model before making a purchase. Please note that the 20″ measurement refers to the diameter after the tire is installed, as this kit does not include tires.

Professional Performance

Equipped with a powerful controller, this Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit guarantees a consistent and reliable power supply to maximize performance. The kit offers flexibility and agility, while also ensuring reliable braking for improved safety. The LED display screen allows for easy monitoring of data, providing convenience during rides. The included crank speed sensor ensures the stability and safety of the pedal assist feature.


When connecting the controller to the wires, it is crucial to ensure that the right colors are connected to avoid damaging the controller. Additionally, it is important to match the power and voltage of the battery (not included) with the set specifications. During installation, double-check the wiring to avoid damaging the product. With proper attention to these details, you can enjoy all the benefits of this Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit hassle-free.

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