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Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Review: Transform Your Bike Into an E-Bike

Are you looking to upgrade your bicycle and experience the thrill of electric cycling? Look no further than the Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit. This kit allows you to easily and quickly convert your regular 20-inch bike into an electric bike, providing you with an enhanced cycling experience. Whether you’re a cyclist, commuter, or student, this conversion kit is perfect for you.


The Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is equipped with an LED display screen that provides real-time information such as vehicle speed. This allows you to better understand your riding situation and adjust your speed accordingly. The kit ensures a perfect speed and utmost safety, giving you a wonderful cycling experience.


This conversion kit is suitable for 20-inch bicycle frames and is compatible with both V-brakes and disc brakes. Before purchasing, it is essential to carefully confirm whether the product matches your bike model. However, please note that the kit does not include tires, and the 20″ refers to the diameter after the tire is installed.

Durable Quality

Made from high-quality metal material, the Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is sturdy, durable, and highly resistant to impact and wear. It has exceptional hardness, ensuring a long lifespan. Additionally, the kit’s lightweight design helps reduce the overall weight of your bike, improving your riding comfort.

Package List

The Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 * Motor
  • 1 * Controller
  • 1 * Assist
  • 1 * Electronic power brake
  • 1 * Thumb Throttle
  • 1 * LED Display
  • 1 * Waterproof Wire
  • 1 * Controller carrying case

Please note that the kit does not include tires. It is specifically designed for 20-inch tires.

Overall, the Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is an excellent investment for anyone looking to transform their regular bike into an electric one. It offers compatibility, durability, and a seamless riding experience. So why wait? Upgrade your biking game today with this remarkable conversion kit.

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