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The Electric Bicycle Frame Identification Class Number Stickers Decals are a must-have accessory for any eBike owner. These removable vinyl decals come in a pack of 4 and can be easily applied to the frame or other smooth surfaces of your electric bike.

One of the standout features of these stickers is their weatherproof material, which ensures that they can withstand various outdoor conditions without fading or peeling. The eco solvent ink prints and UV lamination further enhance durability, making these stickers a long-lasting investment for your eBike.

The stickers are available in different classes and power options, allowing you to choose the one that corresponds to your bike’s specifications. Class 1 stickers are available in 250W, 500W, and 750W options, all with a maximum speed of 20MPH. Class 2 stickers are also available in the same power and speed options.

Installing these stickers is a breeze thanks to their peel and stick application. They also feature a removable profile, meaning you can easily remove them whenever you desire. The rectangular shape of the stickers adds a sleek and stylish touch to your eBike.

These stickers are proudly made in the USA by ADESIGNSTORE, a trusted vinyl supplier. Their limited-edition design is copyrighted, ensuring that you have a unique and exclusive product.

It’s important to note that these stickers are specifically designed for eBikes and serve as a class indication number. This is crucial as it helps authorities and other road users understand the power and speed capabilities of your electric bike. This information is especially important as eBikes gain popularity as a means of transportation in the United States.

In conclusion, the Electric Bicycle Frame Identification Class Number Stickers Decals are a high-quality and durable option for eBike owners. With their weatherproof material, easy installation, and removable profile, these stickers are a great investment for adding style and functionality to your electric bike. Choose the class and power option that suits your bike, and enjoy the convenience and safety that these stickers provide.

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