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Are you tired of the usual traffic jams and crowded public transportation? Say goodbye to those woes with the Electric Bike, 26″ Ebike 750W Electric Bike for Adults. With its impressive features and powerful performance, this electric bike is perfect for all your daily commuting and mountain biking needs.

Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

One of the standout features of this electric bike is its larger 26×4.0 fat tires. These fat tires not only provide extra stability and balance but also make riding effortless. Whether you’re tackling rough terrains or cruising on city streets, the mechanical front and rear disc brakes ensure reliable braking force for a safe riding experience.

21 Speed and 3 Working Modes

This electric bike offers a versatile riding experience with its professional 21-speed transmission system. With three working modes – throttle, pedal-assist, and regular cycling – you can choose the speed option that suits your preference. You can reach a maximum speed of 30MPH with the throttle and 20MPH by pedal. The range varies from 25 to 40+ miles by pedal and 34+ miles by throttle, making it perfect for longer rides.

Removable Larger Lithium-Ion Battery

The 48V/13AH larger Lithium-Ion battery is a game-changer for this electric bike. With a charging time of about 6-7 hours, the bike can cover a range of 25-40+ miles per full charge. The best part is that the battery is removable, allowing you to conveniently bring it home or office to recharge.

Good Bikes Riding Experience

This 26-inch mountain bike is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience. The lockable aluminum suspension fork minimizes bumps and vibrations on rough roads, ensuring a pleasant ride. The inclusion of front and rear reflectors and LED headlights enhances safety during nighttime rides. The aluminum alloy material adds to the durability of the bike, and its sleek sports style with a streamlined matte surface makes it visually appealing.


If you encounter any problems with the Electric Bike, 26″ Ebike 750W Electric Bike for Adults, the customer service team is ready to assist you. They provide prompt assistance and support, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. In case any instructions are missing from the packaging, the after-sales service will send you a replacement electronic version within 24 hours.


Overall, the Electric Bike, 26″ Ebike 750W Electric Bike for Adults is a fantastic investment for both urban commuting and off-road adventures. With its powerful motor, long-range battery, and versatile speed options, this electric bike provides a convenient and thrilling riding experience. Say goodbye to traffic woes and embrace the joy of effortless and eco-friendly biking with this top-notch electric bike.

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