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Review of Electric Bike Accessories for BK27M

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. The BK27M is a sleek and powerful electric bike with a carbon structural steel frame that is designed for durability and performance. With a size of 1850mm*615mm*1210mm and 28-inch tires, the BK27M provides a smooth and comfortable ride for commuters and leisure cyclists alike.

Enhanced Performance

The BK27M is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 15Ah and a nominal voltage of 36V, providing ample power for long rides. The electric bike has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg, making it suitable for riders of all sizes. With a best driving speed of 15mph and a top speed of 20mph, the BK27M offers an exhilarating ride for those looking for a bit of excitement in their daily commute.

Endurance and Range

One of the key features of the BK27M is its impressive endurance performance. Depending on various factors such as load, temperature, road conditions, and riding mode, the electric bike can travel between 35-75 miles on a single charge. For example, at 75kg and 25°C, the maximum range in electric mode can reach 20 miles, while the moped range will vary based on load and riding style. This makes the BK27M an ideal choice for long-distance riders who want to explore the city or countryside without worrying about running out of battery.

Design and Construction

With a sleek and modern design, the BK27M is sure to turn heads wherever you ride. The carbon structural steel frame provides excellent strength and durability, while the 28-inch tires offer stability and control on a variety of road surfaces. The electric bike weighs 59.08lbs, making it easy to handle and transport when needed. Additionally, the BK27M has a water resistance rating of IP 54, ensuring that it can withstand light rain and splashes without affecting its performance.

Comfort and Convenience

Comfort is key when it comes to long rides, and the BK27M delivers with adjustable handlebars and a cushioned seat that provide a customized fit for each rider. The electric bike is also equipped with a convenient storage compartment for storing small items such as keys, phones, and wallets. With a working temperature range of -10~45℃, the BK27M can be ridden in a variety of weather conditions without compromising performance.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for electric bike riders, and the BK27M includes several features to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride. The electric bike is equipped with front and rear lights for increased visibility in low-light conditions, as well as a bell to alert pedestrians and other cyclists of your presence. Additionally, the BK27M has a reliable braking system that provides responsive and smooth stopping power when needed.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining an electric bike is important to ensure its longevity and performance. The BK27M features a user-friendly design that allows for easy access to the battery and motor for routine maintenance and inspections. The tires are also easy to replace and maintain, ensuring that the electric bike is always in top condition for your next ride.

Accessories for Customization

Customizing your electric bike with accessories can enhance your riding experience and make your commute more enjoyable. The BK27M offers a range of accessories such as a phone holder, rear rack, and fenders that can be easily installed to suit your needs. Whether you need extra storage space for groceries or a secure place to mount your phone for navigation, the BK27M has you covered.


The BK27M is a versatile and reliable electric bike that offers impressive performance, endurance, and convenience for riders of all levels. With its durable carbon structural steel frame, powerful lithium-ion battery, and comfortable design, the BK27M is a top choice for commuters, leisure cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking for a fun and efficient way to get around town or explore new biking trails, the BK27M is sure to deliver a thrilling and enjoyable ride every time.


Overall, the BK27M is a standout electric bike that combines style, performance, and comfort in one sleek package. With its advanced features, durable construction, and customizable accessories, the BK27M is an excellent choice for riders who want a high-quality electric bike that can handle long rides and varied terrain. Whether you’re a daily commuter or weekend adventurer, the BK27M is sure to impress with its smooth ride, impressive range, and reliable performance. Upgrade your biking experience with the BK27M today.

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