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A Detailed Review of the Electric Bike Conversion Kit 36V 500W – 24″ Rear Wheel E-Bike Motor Kit E-Bike Cycling Hub Conversion Dual Mode


Tired of battling uphill climbs, facing headwinds, and experiencing tired legs on your regular bicycle? It may be time to upgrade to the ultra-convenient world of electric biking with the Electric Bike Conversion Kit 36V 500W, 24″ Rear Wheel E-Bike Motor Kit. This revolutionary kit will convert your conventional bicycle into a high-powered electric bicycle, offering you unparalleled power and comfort on your cycling adventures.

Features and Specifications

What sets this electric bicycle motor conversion kit apart is its practical display, pedal assist sensor (PAS), and its extensive assembly accessories. Let’s delve deeper into these features. Firstly, the interactive, yet practical display indicates real-time speed, average speed, total mileage, battery power, assist gear/speed gradings, and a cruise function. You’re never in the dark about your E-bike’s status, at any given point.

The Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) harmonizes your pedaling rhythm and motor speed making the ride smooth, energy-efficient, and less strenuous on your wrists. Accommodating a wide range of user preferences, the kit offers 5 gear adjustments allowing customizations to your ride according to different terrains and pace preferences. The kit is designed with an aluminum alloy body, comes in a sleek black color, and is compatible with both V and disc brakes.

The kit’s motor has a power of 500W at an output voltage of 36 Volts, enabling speeds of up to 30-35km/h. The electric bike conversion kit is designed for a rear suspension type and requires assembly. With a minimum flat fork distance of about 100mm/3.94in, the bike conversion kit includes the motor wheel, display, brake levers, throttles, a pedal sensor, a controller, a thumb knob handle, a controller bag, and all necessary assembling accessories.

Application and Compatibility

This kit is designed to transform a standard bicycle into an ebike, making it compatible with the assembly and conversion of a 24in rear wheel of a bicycle. It also supports universal disc brakes and V-shaped brakes, providing versatility and ease of installation to various bike models.

User-friendly and Efficient

One key feature of the Electric Bike Conversion Kit is its user-friendly operation. It offers 5-gear speed adjustments catering to different riding conditions and requirements. Another intriguing function is the cruise feature, which maintains riding speed once the button key is pressed for 2-3 seconds, making the riding process easier and more relaxing.

Performance and Versatility

The kit offers a seamless blend of efficiency and convenience. It will convert your regular bicycle into a powered e-bike, taking your riding experience to a whole new level. Whether it’s commuting across the city, cruising through your neighborhood, or short journeys, the Electric Bike Conversion Kit 36V 500W will make every moment enjoyable.

Dual Mode Controller Feature

The unique selling proposition of this kit is its Dual Mode Controller. This controller ensures the motor operates under the hall effect and non-hall effect, allowing the motor to function continuously even if a component fails. This fail-safe mechanism indicates a high level of reliability and durability, placing it a notch above its counterparts in the market.

To sum up, the Electric Bike Conversion Kit 36V 500W, 24″ Rear Wheel E-Bike Motor Kit offers an extensive range of practical and functional features that will transform your regular cycling into an electric, power-packed, and effortless biking experience.

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