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The recent surge in e-bike usage is not just a trend. As urban dwellers look for cheap and environmentally friendly modes of transit, the ‘E-Bike Revolution’ appears to be upon us. A huge player spearheading this revolution is the 350W E-Bike Kit 36V Hub Motor by Upthehill. This unique product transforms your traditional bicycle into a versatile e-bike providing an ease of transit, speed and range previously unavailable.

High-Quality Manufacturing and Durability

The Upthehill 350W E-Bike kit is meticulously crafted using high-end materials like aluminum, iron, copper and magnet steel, to promise longevity and resist wear and tear. Its durability safeguards your ordinary bicycle against deformation, even under the roughest rides or terrain.

Convenience and Ride Experience

This conversion kit makes any usual bike ride an absolute breeze. Imagine not having to push tirelessly against the wind or uphill; this product offers a win-win situation by allowing you to enjoy both the speed and the serenity of your ride. Whether you’re running errands, commuting to work, or just exploring the city, this conversion kit makes every ride a joyful experience.


The Upthehill 350W E-Bike Kit comes in a sleek black and silver design, while boasting a powerful 350W motor. Installed on the front wheel, it requires a Lead-acid or Lithium Battery (which isn’t included in the package) for operation.

The light-weight hub motor (only 3-3.5kg) is equipped with a pedal assistant sensor that senses the rhythm of the pedal, adroitly adjusting the speed of the motor. Aiding long trips, it helps avoid wrist pain induced by constant pressure. And with an efficiency of over 82%, it guarantees a smooth and silent ride.

Detailed Insight

What stands out from the specifications is the product’s digital interface. The included LCD meter features an error display, speed and mileage displays, a five-speed booster speed control, and a battery power display. This allows the rider to be well versed with the bike’s status at all times. The maximum load speed of the hub motor is 24km/h, with a no-load speed up to 28km/h.

Key Features

Upthehill’s 350W E-Bike Kit’s impressive performance, ease of installation, silent operation, and the labor-saving feature of pedal assist are its key selling points. It tackles steep hills and wind effortlessly, whilst ensuring minimal noise emissions. The installation is user-friendly, with comprehensive instructions included in the package.

Package Contents

Upon purchase, you will receive a front motor wheel, a controller, two turners, a brake handle, a bag for the controllers, a set of pedal assistant sensors, a headlight and horn switch, an English manual and other necessary accessories for assembly.


It’s worth noting, this kit doesn’t come with a tire; a 20*1.75-2.125inch tire needs to be procured separately. The efficiency of the bike may vary depending on the road conditions, the tire size, the wind speed and the user’s weight. The kit is designed for a two-wheel bike configuration; it’s not suitable for tricycles or multi-wheel setups.


Breathe new life into your bicycle with Upthehill’s 350W E-Bike Kit, transforming it from an ordinary cycle into an efficient and environmentally friendly e-bike. With myriad benefits from reduced transit time to lower carbon emissions, this product is a noteworthy investment for regular bicyclists. From weekend warriors to urban commuters, the 350W E-Bike Kit is a game-changer for those wanting a healthier, greener and quicker form of transit.

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