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Are you looking to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike? If so, the 24″ Front Electric Bike Conversion Kit w/Dual Mode Controller PAS/LCD Display could be the perfect solution for you. This kit allows for easy assembly and conversion of a 24-inch front wheel bicycle into an electric bike, giving you the best of both worlds. In this review, we will take a closer look at the specifications, features, and included components of this conversion kit to help you make an informed decision.


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Black
Suspension Type: Front
Special Feature: Electric
Assembly Requirement: Yes
Brake Type: Power-off Brake Lever (Applicable to V Brake, Disc Brake)
Motor Type: Brushless Gear Motor
Gear Adjustment: 5 Gears
Recommended Battery: 36V 13AH or Higher Capacity Battery(Not Included)
Output Voltage: 36V
Power: 500W
Minimum Flat Fork Distance: 100mm/3.94in
Speed: 30-35km/h
Display Size: 6.8 x 9.6cm/2.67 x 3.77in
Packing Size: 55 x 55 x 22cm/21.65 x 21.65 x 8.66in
Motor Wheel Diameter: 61cm/24in
Gross Weight: 9kg/19.84lbs
Net Weight: 8kg/17.63lbs
Loading Capacity: 120kg/264lbs

This electric bike conversion kit is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and strength. The black color gives it a sleek and modern look that will complement any bicycle. The front suspension type ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even when riding at higher speeds.

The kit features a brushless gear motor with a power output of 500W, providing you with ample power to tackle steep inclines or ride at faster speeds. The 5-gear adjustment allows you to customize your riding experience according to different road conditions and personal needs. Additionally, the motor wheel has a diameter of 24 inches, making it suitable for most standard bicycles.

The kit includes a dual-mode controller, which works under Hall effect and non-Hall effect. This is a convenient feature that ensures the motor will continue to work even if one component fails. The practical display provides real-time information on speed, total mileage, battery power, and more, allowing you to track the bike’s operation status at a glance.

In terms of assembly, the kit includes all the necessary components for easy installation. It comes with a motor wheel, display, brake levers, throttle, pedal sensor, controller, thumb knob handle, and controller bag, as well as all accessories needed for assembly. However, it’s important to note that the kit does not include tires, batteries, and chargers, which need to be purchased separately.

There are a few important notes to keep in mind when using this electric bike conversion kit. Firstly, while connecting the controller to the wires, it’s crucial to ensure that you connect the right colors to the controller to avoid damaging it. Additionally, it’s essential to check the product size and practical voltage before making a purchase, as tires and batteries are not included with the kit.

One of the standout features of this conversion kit is the 5-speed adjustment, which allows riders to customize their riding experience according to different road conditions and personal preferences. Additionally, the cruise function can be activated by long-pressing the button key for 2-3 seconds, making the riding process more relaxed and enjoyable.

In conclusion, the 24″ Front Electric Bike Conversion Kit w/Dual Mode Controller PAS/LCD Display is a high-quality and reliable option for anyone looking to convert their regular bicycle into an electric bike. With its durable construction, powerful motor, and practical features, this kit offers a seamless and convenient way to upgrade your riding experience. Whether you’re looking to tackle steep hills with ease or simply enjoy the added speed and convenience of an electric bike, this conversion kit has you covered. Overall, it’s a great investment for any cycling enthusiast looking to take their riding experience to the next level.

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