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Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have become significantly popular over the years for their seamless blend of traditional biking and innovative technology. Equipped with an auxiliary motor, these bikes facilitate longer rides without the excessive physical exertion demanded by conventional models. One product that has recently gained substantial traction among e-bike enthusiasts is the 1000W Electric Bike for Adults. This green-colored, full suspension electric dirt bike is not just high on functionality, but it also stands out for its stellar design and impressive features.

Powerful Motor and Large-Capacity Battery

The foremost element attracting potential buyers to this bike is its powerful 1000W brushless motor, capable of attaining peak power of 1200W. This feature translates to a maximum speed of 34MPH, making the bike an excellent choice for those who enjoy a swift ride. Additionally, it is powered by a large-capacity battery of 48V/23AH delivering an incredible range of 50-62 miles. The long-range is perfect for those who love going on long, adventurous rides. The lithium battery, with a storage capacity of 1104Wh, is removable, has overcharge protection, and is UL 2849 certified for safety.

All-Terrain Perfomance with Full-Suspension

This electric dirt bike doesn’t disappoint when it comes to tackling various terrains. With its 20*4.0″ fat tires, it can effortlessly traverse through high mountains, hills, gravel-packed grounds, and sandy beaches. Whether you intend on cycling through urban areas or exploring rugged landscapes, this bike operates smoothly and stably. Besides, this e-bike flaunts front and rear shock absorbers, which significantly enhance riding comfort by reducing impact and vibrations when crossing uneven terrains.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The vibrant green color of the bike combined with its sleek design is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Moreover, it has been designed with a durable and waterproof IP66 metal frame, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough usage. It measures 66.5*22.4*47.2 inches, making it suitable for anyone with a height between 5.2ft to 6.8ft, and can conveniently support up to 150KG/330.6LB.

7 Speeds with Safe and Sensitive Brakes

The bike’s unique 7-speed feature allows riders to adjust to a speed that’s comfortable for them, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users. For safety, the bike is also equipped with disc brakes that offer sensitive and efficient braking, ensuring your rides are always safe and controlled.

After-Sales Service

This 1000W electric bike offers a 12-month after-sales service for any quality issues, making it a worthwhile investment. The manufacturers have taken a customer-centric approach and insist on keeping the original packaging for 30-50 days after the bike’s delivery for any returns or exchanges.


All in all, the 1000W Electric Bike for Adults is a versatile, robust, and practical choice for those looking to invest in a high-quality e-bike. Its powerful motor, large-capacity battery, full suspension, all-terrain fat tires, and customer-friendly after-sales service make it an excellent value for money.

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