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Unparalleled Power and Performance

The POLEEJIEK-2000W Ebike is like no other when it comes to the strength and competence. Containing a 20Ah48V lithium-ion battery provides sustained energy for an impressive cruising range of between 50-80 miles. As an electric mountain bike, it boasts front and rear 1000W motors, offering a total of 2000W motor power. This incredible force allows riders to tackle steep inclines of up to 45° with ease. With a top speed of 32mph, the thrill of riding becomes a daily reality. Another impressive feature is the dual charging system, either on frame or removable, and with just a 7 hour charge, you can stretch the range to a cool 80 miles at a wonderful cruising speed of 35mph.

Aerospace Quality Alloy Frame and Advanced Brake System

The second notable feature of the POLEEJIEK-2000W Ebike is the lockable aluminum suspension fork, an upgrade from standard non-shock-absorbing forks. This advancement assures an incredibly fluid ride, capably dealing with bumps, rocks, and uneven surfaces. Add to this front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, that supplies a reliable braking force and substantial stopping power in any situation like steep descents and mix surfaced roads. The blend of these two functions will provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience for any rider.

Revolutionary Accessories and Controls

Equipped with SHIMONO’s 21-speed gears, the supreme 6061 aluminum frame brings together all the preconditions for a fast, versatile ebike. Hydraulic disc brake systems substantially reduce braking time and are exponentially responsive than mechanical disc brakes. An intelligent waterproof LCD control panel lets you set the 5Pedal-Assist level, speed, assistance level, battery life and trip distance with ease. The design fits to a high steel carbon fork suspension with a soft shock absorber for the ultimate smooth cruising experience.

Full Suspension Design

The Full suspension design combines superior comfort with peak performance. The dual motor on this ebike features a complete adjustable hydraulic suspension and a cross rear shock absorber placed in the centre of the frame. This system effectively manages majority of bumps and vibrations while riding and enhances overall riding comfort and ease of use. High-quality 6061 aluminum alloy high-strength frame champions an excellent riding experience on this full suspension electric vehicle.

Ideal for Various User Groups and Terrains

The POLEEJIEK-2000W Ebike is strategically built and designed to cater to diverse user groups and terrains. The recommended height for riders is between 5’4″ to 6’8″. Able to support up to 400 lbs. weight, riders can enjoy multiple modes: electric throttle, Pedal Assist, Pedaling, Cruise or Walk mode. A modest charge time of 5-6 hours, makes this e-bike the perfect companion for neighborhoods, trails, travel, sand or snow. With an impressive maximum range of 80 miles in e-bike mode, and up to a whopping 120 miles in assisted bike mode alongside 21 Speed transmission, this bike is sure to become your new favourite transport tool.

Convenience and Assurance

The convenience of having an e-bike pre-installed 85% by POLEEJIEK ensures safety and reduces user assembly time significantly. Only the handlebar, seat, and selected components require user assembly. A 12-month quality warranty covers the battery, motors, controller, charger and display. Furthermore, a quality warranty lasting 6 months is provided for the cushion, handle, sensor, and more. All POLEEJIEK e-bikes are UL tested, GCC certified and have undergone stringent quality inspection before leaving the factory. This bike is a prime example of combining excitement, comfort and convenience in one single package.

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