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As e-bikes become an increasingly popular mode of transport around the world, replacing the battery becomes a necessary task for most owners. In this article, we will discuss the Folding Ebike Replacement Battery 36V 10.4Ah intended for the Ancheer AM1908 Electric Bicycle. Clearly an essential piece of hardware for an e-bike, we will take a deep dive into this battery’s specifications, qualities, and overall performance.

Overview and Specifics

The Folding Ebike Replacement battery is a Lithium-ion battery type with a rated voltage of 36V, charge voltage of 42V and has a rated capacity of 14Ah/504Wh. With a size of 390*87*40mm or 15.35*3.42*1.57inch, it’s designed to comfortably fit into the bike frame of compatible models like the Ancheer AM1908. It comes with carefully designed Battery Management System (BMS) that effectively controls the voltage and temperature to ensure longevity. It takes 5-8 hours to charge and has a life cycle that lasts over 800 times.

Compatibility and Installation

If you own an Ancheer AM1908 model e-bike or compatible bike models, this battery is made especially for you. It is essential to measure your old battery’s size to confirm compatibility. If you are unsure about the size, then you could check the appearance and charging port position for assurance. However, it is crucial to note that this link provided is for the L395MM version. There are also two versions of the DCH-014 battery with different lengths – the other being the L325mm version.

Package and Extras

Included in the package is a 1 x 36V 10.4Ah/374.4Wh Battery with inbuilt BMS and a 2A US plug Battery Charger. Besides the battery and charger setup, the package also includes clear instructions on maintenance and how to maximize battery life. Also, the package comes with a disclaimer that due to manual measurement, the size may have an error of 1-3mm.

Performance and Safety

The Folding Ebike Replacement battery stands out for its performance in terms of capacity. Under ideal conditions, it gives a ride time of 25-35 kilometers with pure electric mode, although this could be affected by load weight and road conditions. It also features an additional switch within the battery that allows the user to control the power supply by turning the key after putting the battery in the bike. This is a helpful feature for those concerned about safety and battery theft.

After-Sales Service and Conclusion

The Folding Ebike Replacement battery has a 12-month warranty, and the after-sales service is commendable. The company ensures that all customer concerns regarding battery compatibility are addressed and offers consultation in cases where other battery models may be required. Providing a power solution for avid e-bike riders, this battery replacement enables longer rides and more intense adventures. All in all, the Folding Ebike Replacement Battery 36V 10.4Ah for Ancheer AM1908 e-bikes is a quality accessory that delivers high performance and safety, making it a worthwhile investment for e-bike enthusiasts.

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