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FORWODE 2″ Hitch Mount Bike Rack is a versatile and durable product that is perfect for carrying two bikes weighing up to 60 lbs each. Whether you have standard bikes, fat tire bikes, or electric bikes, this rack can handle them all.

One of the standout features of this bike rack is its smart tilting design. This feature allows for easy access to the vehicle’s trunk or rear hatch, even when the bikes are loaded onto the rack. This convenient functionality sets it apart from other bike racks on the market.

Another impressive feature of the FORWODE Hitch Bike Rack is its heavy-duty platform design. This design ensures stability and security when transporting your bikes. The platform securely holds the bikes in place, preventing any wobbling or shaking during transportation.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to transporting bikes, and FORWODE understands this. The rack comes with a locking hitch pin that ensures the rack is securely attached to the vehicle, minimizing the risk of accidents or theft. Additionally, the rack includes an 82-inch strap to further secure the bikes and protect their paint.

FORWODE is a reputable brand that has been producing high-quality bike racks since 2003. They are known for their commitment to innovation and creating products that enhance the cycling experience. Their aim is to provide biking enthusiasts around the world with easy-to-use and reliable tools.

One of the reasons why FORWODE products stand out is their high compatibility. This bike rack can accommodate 17-29 inch wheels, with a maximum wheelbase of 63 inches. It can also support tires up to 5 inches thick. This versatility makes it ideal for those who own multiple bikes of various sizes.

The stability of the FORWODE Hitch Bike Rack is something that many users appreciate. The fastening clips included with the rack greatly reduce shaking and movement during transportation. This ensures that your bikes are protected and secure, even when driving on bumpy roads or rough terrains.

Overall, the FORWODE 2″ Hitch Mount Bike Rack is a reliable and sturdy option for transporting your bikes. Its smart tilting design, heavy-duty platform, and safety features make it a top choice for biking enthusiasts. With FORWODE’s commitment to quality and innovation, this bike rack is sure to enhance your cycling experience.

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