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The HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack 36V 48V 60V 20AH Ebike Battery 21700 is a powerful and reliable battery pack designed for electric bikes and scooters. With its advanced lithium technology and high energy density, this battery pack offers a longer service life, increased stability, and enhanced safety features compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features, performance, and benefits of the HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack, as well as its compatibility with various electric vehicles and charging options.

Life Expectancy and Weight
One of the key advantages of the HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack is its exceptional life expectancy, which is approximately twice that of lead-acid batteries. This means that users can rely on the battery pack for longer periods of time without needing to replace it. Additionally, the lithium technology used in the battery pack results in a much lighter weight compared to lead-acid batteries, making it easier to handle and install on electric bikes and scooters.

No Memory Effect and Rechargeable
Unlike lead-acid batteries, the HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack does not suffer from memory effect, which can reduce the capacity and performance of traditional batteries over time. This means that the battery pack can be recharged without any loss of capacity, ensuring a longer overall battery life and consistent performance over time. Furthermore, the battery pack is fully rechargeable, allowing users to easily top up the charge and continue using their electric bike or scooter without any downtime.

Safer and Environmentally Friendly
The HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack is designed with safety and environmental considerations in mind. It does not contain any heavy metals or hazardous substances, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. In addition, the built-in IC chip in the battery pack prevents overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits, providing an added layer of protection for users and the battery itself.

Temperature Stability and Recommended Usage
The HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack is designed to operate within specific temperature ranges to ensure optimal performance and safety. The recommended charging temperature for the battery pack is between 0°C and 45°C, while the recommended discharge temperature is between -20°C and 60°C. For storage, the battery pack should be kept between -20°C and 65°C, with a recommended protection temperature of 60°C ± 5°C. This ensures that the battery pack remains stable and reliable in a variety of environmental conditions.

Output and Parameters
The battery pack features high current positive and negative connection columns, with red indicating the positive terminal and black indicating the negative terminal. This makes it easy for users to connect the battery pack to their electric bikes or scooters with the proper polarity. Additionally, the battery pack has a storage time of at least 90% of the remaining power within 6 months, with a recommendation to charge it within 3 months to maintain optimal performance.

More Stable Performance
The HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack offers a more stable performance compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, thanks to its higher energy density and advanced lithium technology. With more than 1000 times deep cycles and a long service life, users can rely on the battery pack for consistent and reliable power delivery for their electric vehicles.

Scope of Application
The battery pack is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, including electric scooters, ebikes, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, and even solar panels. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for users who have multiple electric vehicles or need a reliable power source for various applications. Additionally, the battery pack is suitable for specialized ebike refitting, making it a versatile option for custom electric bike projects.

Safe Use and Protection
To ensure the safe and effective use of the HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack, it is recommended to place the battery in a protective case or package bag. This helps to extend the battery’s overall lifespan and protects it from external impacts or environmental conditions. By taking proper precautions and following recommended usage guidelines, users can maximize the performance and reliability of the battery pack for their electric vehicles.

Charging Interface and Options
The default charging interface for the HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack is a DC plug with a size of 5.5*2.1mm. However, users have the option to request other output plugs when purchasing the battery pack, or they can contact customer service for inquiries. This flexibility allows users to customize the charging interface to their specific needs, ensuring a seamless and convenient charging experience for their electric vehicles.

In conclusion, the HEXEH Lithium Battery Pack 36V 48V 60V 20AH Ebike Battery 21700 offers a wide range of benefits and features, making it an excellent choice for electric bike and scooter owners. With its exceptional life expectancy, lightweight design, rechargeable technology, and advanced safety features, the battery pack provides a reliable power source for a variety of electric vehicles. Additionally, its compatibility with various applications and charging options makes it a versatile and convenient choice for users who are seeking a high-performance battery pack for their electric vehicles.

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