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Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bike Product Review

Heybike electric bikes combine modern technology with traditional bicycles to produce low carbon, green, high-quality electric bikes that will save time on the road, make off-roading more enjoyable, and make life easier and more fun. Our Heybike Support Team is devoted to providing an excellent user experience for everyone with our passion and friendly attitude, and to creating a cost-effective electric bike for everyone.

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When it comes to electric bikes, Heybike offers a range of options to suit different needs and preferences. The Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bikes are designed to cater to the needs of adults who are looking for a high-performance electric bike that can handle a variety of terrains and conditions.


One of the standout features of Heybike electric bikes is the inclusion of a large capacity battery. The Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bikes come equipped with a 48V/18Ah removable battery that provides a range of 45-68 miles per full charge. This large battery capacity ensures that you can ride for extended periods without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, the battery is designed with 2 charging modes, allowing for a hidden built-in waterproof battery or a removable charge, providing added convenience and flexibility for charging options.


The Heybike Brawn electric bike is equipped with high-strength hydraulic suspension front fork, which effectively reduces the vibration of the frame. This feature is particularly beneficial for off-road riding, as it ensures a smoother and more comfortable riding experience even on rough terrain. Furthermore, the hydraulic dual disc brakes system ensures that the bike can quickly and stably stop when braking at high speeds, greatly shortening the braking distance and providing a safer ride. This safety system is a key feature of the Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bikes, providing peace of mind for riders who prioritize safety.


The Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bikes also feature an automatic seat adjustment system, which allows riders to adjust the seat position easily and quickly, even while riding. The lift control button on the handlebar makes it effortless to adjust the seat, eliminating the need to struggle with traditional adjustment buckles. This user-friendly feature adds to the overall convenience and comfort of riding a Heybike electric bike, ensuring that riders can customize their riding experience to suit their preferences.


In addition to their performance features, the Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bikes also boast a stylish and modern design. The Brawn electric bike, in particular, uses customized motorcycle fork styling and a retro light sensing headlight, creating a cooler and more attractive aesthetic. The backlit LCD display on the bike clearly shows information such as speed, power, and mileage, providing riders with essential data at a glance. Additionally, the bikes are equipped with Intelligent Heybike APP control, allowing riders to remotely turn on the bike and access additional features and functions.

Overall, the Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bikes are a solid choice for adults looking for a high-performance electric bike that can handle a variety of terrains and conditions. With their large capacity removable battery, hydraulic safety system, automatic seat adjustment, and stylish design features, these bikes offer a compelling combination of performance, convenience, and style. The Heybike brand prides itself on providing a cost-effective and user-friendly electric bike experience, backed by a passionate and friendly support team. Whether you’re commuting in the city or enjoying off-road adventures, the Heybike Brawn and Cityrun Electric Bikes are well-equipped to meet your riding needs.

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