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Transform Your Bicycle With a Powerful Motor

The Iglobalbuy Bicycle Engine Kit 2-Stroke Cycle Petrol Gas Motor Engine Kit is a game-changer. This 50cc bicycle engine kit is designed to give your regular bike the power and speed of a motorized vehicle. With its easy installation process and lightweight design, this motor engine kit allows you to transform your ordinary bicycle into a motorized vehicle effortlessly.

Versatility and Specifications

This bike motor kit comes with everything you need to breathe new life into your bicycle. The 50CC 2-stroke engine is designed to fit 26″ or 28″ bicycles, making it suitable for a wide range of bike types, including mountain bikes, cruisers, choppers, and road bikes. The air-cooled engine boasts a net weight of 10.5kg, with a driving ratio of 18:01 and an ignition mode of CDI. With its single-cylinder, 2-stroke design, this engine kit offers a powerful performance that can take your biking experience to the next level.

The specifications of the Iglobalbuy Bicycle Engine Kit are impressive. It features a compression ratio of 6:01, a bore and stroke of 40mm x 38mm, and a maximum power of 1.6Kw/6000r/min (3 horsepower/6000r/min). The engine’s rated power stands at 1.15Kw/5000r/min (1.6 horsepower/5000r/min), allowing for an efficient and smooth ride. Whether you’re looking for speed or power, this engine kit has the capabilities to meet your biking needs.

The easy installation process is another highlight of this kit. As long as you have basic hardware skills, tools, and fine-tuning adjustments, you’ll be able to install this engine with ease. It’s important to note that the seller is not responsible for any misuse of the kit or any warranty after installation, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully to make the most of this product.

Everything You Need and Easy Installation Process

The Iglobalbuy Bicycle Engine Kit comes with everything you need to get started. The package includes a full 50cc 2-stroke engine motor kit, with minimal additional requirements. The engine is designed to be installed by the user, and the package includes all the necessary components for the installation process.

Fitting most 26″ and 28″ wheeled bikes, this engine kit is a versatile option for bike enthusiasts. The frame of the bicycle should have 9-11″ of clearance between the bottom bracket and the top bar, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-29mm, allowing for a seamless fit. Whether you have a mountain bike, cruiser, chopper, or road bike, this kit offers the power and performance you need to elevate your biking experience.

The installation process is relatively simple, requiring only basic hardware skills and tools. Fine-tuning adjustments may be necessary, but the easy installation process ensures that you can get your motorized bicycle up and running in no time. Transforming your ordinary bike into a powerful motorized vehicle has never been easier.

Operational Instructions for a Seamless Ride

To start the 2-stroke engine, simply move the choke lever to the “on” position, hold in the clutch, pedal the bike to gain some speed, and then release the clutch gradually. This seamless starting process ensures that you can hit the road with confidence and ease.

Stopping the 2-stroke engine is just as simple. Choke the carburetor completely with the lever on the carburetor or, alternatively, simply reduce speed, hold in the clutch, and press the kill switch on the twist-grip throttle to bring your bike to a stop. The ease of starting and stopping this engine makes for a hassle-free riding experience.

If you want to use your bicycle as a regular bike, disengaging the clutch and pressing the silver button at the side of the clutch will ensure that the motor remains disengaged. This feature allows for the versatility of a regular bike when you don’t need the extra power of the motorized engine kit. With its convenient operational instructions, this engine kit is designed to accommodate various riding preferences with ease.

Suitable for a Versatile Range of Bikes

The Iglobalbuy Bicycle Engine Kit 2-Stroke Cycle Petrol Gas Motor Engine Kit is a versatile and powerful addition to any bike. With its suitable 50cc 2-stroke engine, this kit can bring new life to 26″ and 28″ bicycles, accommodating a wide range of bike types and riding preferences. Whether you’re looking for speed, power, or the versatility of a regular bike, this engine kit has you covered.

Thanks to its easy installation process and seamless operational instructions, this kit is perfect for those looking to elevate their biking experience without the need for extensive mechanical skills. With its lightweight design and powerful performance, the Iglobalbuy Bicycle Engine Kit offers a game-changing addition to any bicycle, providing an effortless way to transform your bike into a motorized vehicle.

For those looking to inject new life into their biking adventures, the Iglobalbuy Bicycle Engine Kit 2-Stroke Cycle Petrol Gas Motor Engine Kit is a worthy investment. Whether you’re a biking enthusiast or a casual rider looking for some extra power, this engine kit offers a seamless and convenient way to upgrade your bike and take your riding experience to new heights.

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