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The iRonsnow/SMLRO XDC600 Plus Electric Bike is designed for adventurous, thrill-seeking adults who want a high-performance, all-terrain e-bike. With a 2000W dual motor, 48V 22.4Ah lithium battery, and 26″ fat tires, this electric mountain bike is built to take on any challenge, from steep hills to rough terrain. Equipped with a 21-speed gear system, hydraulic disc brakes, and front fork suspension, the XDC600 Plus offers a smooth and powerful riding experience.

High Quality Accessories

The iRonsnow/SMLRO XDC600 Plus comes with a range of high-quality accessories to enhance your riding experience. These include an upgraded larger headlight, intelligent LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes, and front fork shock absorption. The upgraded larger headlight provides increased safety when riding at night, while the intelligent LCD display makes it easy to monitor your riding data, such as speed, mileage, and remaining power. The hydraulic disc brakes offer excellent stopping power, even at high speeds and on wet roads, ensuring your safety while riding.

Front Fork Shock Absorption

The XDC600 Plus features front fork shock absorption, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough and uneven terrain. The spring front suspension fork is adjustable and lockable, allowing you to customize the bike’s performance to suit your riding style and the terrain you’re tackling. This feature makes the XDC600 Plus suitable for both flat and rough terrain, giving you the flexibility to ride wherever your adventures take you.

Shimano 21-Speed

Equipped with a Shimano 21-speed gear system, the XDC600 Plus offers plenty of power to tackle steep hills and rough terrain. The 2000W dual motor provides torque of up to 85 N.M, assisting speeds of up to 35MPH, allowing you to effortlessly handle steep hills and challenging trails. The 21-speed gear system gives you the flexibility to select the appropriate gear for your riding conditions, ensuring a smooth and powerful ride.

48V 22.4Ah Battery

The XDC600 Plus is powered by a 48V 22.4Ah lithium battery, providing an impressive range of up to 70 miles in pedal-assist mode on a full charge. The removable battery is easy to carry and can be charged at home or work, ensuring you have the power to ride for long distances without worrying about running out of battery.

26″ Fat Tire All Terrain

The 26″ *4.0” fat tire with tread patterns offers a wider contact area, enhancing flexibility, grip, wear resistance, and anti-skid function. This ensures you can ride safely in various conditions, including on the beach, mountain, gravel, mud, and puddles. The fat tires are designed to tackle diverse terrain, providing stability and traction to keep you safe and in control.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The XDC600 Plus is equipped with a dual hydraulic disc brake system, providing quick and smooth stops, even at high speeds. The brakes have a power cut-off feature, ensuring safe and reliable braking performance, even on wet roads. With excellent stopping power and a shorter braking distance, the hydraulic disc brakes give you the control and confidence to ride with peace of mind.

6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame

The frame of the XDC600 Plus is made from lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum alloy, ensuring a solid and reliable foundation for your rides. With the upgraded larger super lights headlight and smart LCD display, you can keep track of your real-time speed, battery level, pedal assist level, and mileage, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

In conclusion, the iRonsnow/SMLRO XDC600 Plus Electric Bike is a powerful and versatile e-bike that offers the performance and features to take on any adventure. With its high-quality accessories, front fork shock absorption, Shimano 21-speed gear system, 48V 22.4Ah battery, fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and lightweight aluminum alloy frame, the XDC600 Plus provides a smooth, powerful, and safe riding experience. Whether you’re riding on steep hills, rough trails, or challenging terrain, the XDC600 Plus is designed to keep you in control and provide an exhilarating and thrilling riding experience.

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