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The JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike is a battery-powered ride on motorcycle designed specifically for kids who dream of tearing up the open road. With its vibrant green color and exciting design, this fun and adventurous dirt bike is sure to provide hours of entertainment for kids aged 3 to 8.

Constructed with high-quality materials and featuring a 12V7AH battery, this electric motorcycle is built for durability, safety, and endless fun. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make the JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike a top choice for kids and parents alike.

Superior Material Kids Ride on Motorcycle

When it comes to choosing a ride on toy for kids, safety is always a top concern for parents. The JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike is made of kid-friendly PP material and meets U.S. Federal safety standards for ASTM & CPSIA. This means that parents can rest assured that their children are playing with a toy that is not harmful to their health.

The durable construction of this ride on motorcycle also ensures that it can withstand the daily wear and tear of playtime, providing long-lasting use for kids who love to ride and explore.

Training Wheels for Higher Safety

To provide an extra layer of safety and stability, the JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike comes with two training wheels. These wheels keep the motorcycle as steady as possible, greatly reducing the risk of falls and accidents while allowing kids to build confidence and balance as they learn to ride.

The training wheels make this motorcycle applicable to various road surfaces, including brick road, asphalt road, and cement road, giving kids the freedom to explore different terrains while staying safe and secure.

Two Speeds Kids Motorcycle

The JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike is designed to be easy to operate and control, even for young riders. It features two speed settings – high and low speeds – which range from 3.8 to 5.8 km/h. This allows kids to choose the speed that best suits their confidence and skill level, giving them the freedom to enjoy a thrilling ride while staying in control.

An easy-to-use forward button makes it simple for kids to start and stop the motorcycle, giving them the power to rev up their imagination and take off on exciting adventures around the neighborhood or backyard.

Perfect Gift

With its sleek design, high-quality construction, and exciting features, the JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike makes for a perfect gift for children’s birthdays or Christmas. This fun and interactive ride on toy is sure to bring joy and excitement to any child’s special day, providing them with countless hours of fun and creating cherished childhood memories.

Overall, the JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike is a top-quality ride on toy that offers both safety and excitement for young riders. With its durable material, training wheels, adjustable speeds, and easy operation, this electric motorcycle is designed to provide kids with a thrilling and enjoyable riding experience while giving parents peace of mind. Whether zooming around the driveway or exploring the backyard, the JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike is sure to spark the imagination and adventure of any young rider.

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