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Product Review: Lithium Battery 36V 10Ah for Electric Bike

Are you looking for a reliable and durable lithium-ion battery for your electric bike? Look no further than the Lion Battery Pack 36V 10Ah. This high-quality battery pack is designed for electric bicycles with motors ranging from 100W to 500W. With its large capacity and advanced features, this battery pack is sure to enhance your riding experience.

The Lion Battery Pack 36V 10Ah is built with 10S4P lithium-ion cells, providing a capacity of 36V 10Ah. This allows for longer riding range and faster charging time compared to traditional batteries. With a charging time of 6 hours, you can quickly get back on the road and enjoy your ride without having to wait for hours for your battery to charge.

One of the standout features of this battery pack is the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protection. The BMS protection ensures that your battery is safe from overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, and temperature fluctuations. This protection not only extends the lifespan of your battery but also keeps you safe while riding.

Moreover, the Lion Battery Pack 36V 10Ah is equipped with voltage self-balance technology. This feature helps to ensure that each cell in the battery pack is charged and discharged evenly, maximizing the overall performance and longevity of the battery. With a lifespan of 1500+ cycles, you can trust that this battery pack will last for many rides to come.

Measuring at 204*38*146mm and weighing only 2.1KG, this battery pack is compact and lightweight, making it easy to install on your electric bike. The standard T-type plug makes it compatible with most electric bike, e-scooter, motor, and bicycle charging systems. You can easily connect and disconnect the battery pack without any hassle.

Additionally, the Lion Battery Pack 36V 10Ah comes with a 42V 2A charger, allowing you to charge your battery efficiently and conveniently. The high-quality lithium cells used in this battery pack have a longer lifespan and higher energy density compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, providing you with reliable and long-lasting power for your electric bike.

In conclusion, the Lion Battery Pack 36V 10Ah is a top-quality lithium-ion battery that is perfect for electric bike enthusiasts. With its advanced features, durable construction, and efficient performance, this battery pack is a great investment for anyone looking to enhance their riding experience. Say goodbye to frequent charging and range anxiety with the Lion Battery Pack 36V 10Ah – your companion for long, enjoyable rides.

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