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The LONG SENG 26″ x4.0 Fat tire Electric Bicycle is a high-quality, high-power electric bicycle designed to provide comfort and convenience for adult riders. With a 500W peak high-power brushless motor and top speed of 40KM/h, this electric bicycle is suitable for cross-country, mountain, outdoor, and long-distance travel. It has passed GCC UL Certification and offers various features and riding modes to meet the needs of different riders.

**Powerful Motor for All Terrains**

With its 500W high-power brushless motor, this electric bicycle is capable of continuous output of 55n.m torque, providing the necessary power to conquer any terrain. Whether you’re riding on mountain trails, gravel roads, expressways, beaches, or snow, this electric bicycle ensures a smooth and efficient ride. The 8-level speed change feature allows you to easily adjust your speed for uphill climbs, downhill descents, acceleration, deceleration, and stable cruising, making it a versatile choice for all types of riders and road conditions.

**Comfortable and Durable Design**

The frame of the LONG SENG Electric Bicycle is made of Aviation aluminum alloy, providing a sturdy and lightweight construction. It is equipped with a double shock absorber for the front fork and a shock absorber for the rear seat, offering a comfortable and stable riding experience. The 26″ x 4.0 thick anti-skid, puncture-resistant, and wear-resistant tires ensure safety and stability, even on steep mountain roads and other challenging terrains. Additionally, the front and rear hydraulic disc brake system provides reliable stopping power, giving you peace of mind during your rides.

**Versatile Riding Modes**

This adult electric bicycle offers three riding modes to cater to different preferences and needs. In normal mode, you can ride using pure manpower with the power turned off. Pedal-assisted mode allows you to pedal with moderate power assistance from the motor, while pure electric mode offers faster and easier riding without the need for pedaling. The inclusion of a 5W high-brightness LED lamp with wide-angle illumination ensures safe night riding in various weather conditions.

**Adjustable Riding Posture and Seat Height**

To accommodate riders of different heights and preferences, the handlebar tube and seat of the electric bicycle are adjustable. This feature allows for a customizable riding experience, providing additional comfort and convenience to riders who may have specific preferences regarding posture and seat height. The recommended height for this electric bicycle is 5’3”-6’2” and it can accommodate riders weighing up to 265 pounds.

**Reliable After-Sales Support**

Long Seng provides dependable after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. In the event of any questions or concerns regarding the electric bicycle, the manufacturer offers prompt online support within 24 hours. Additionally, the electric bicycle comes with a one-year warranty, and customers have the option to purchase accessories and consult with the store for ongoing support and assistance.

**Quality and Safety Certification**

Prior to release, every component of the LONG SENG Electric Bicycle undergoes rigorous factory inspection to ensure the highest quality standards are met. The electric bicycle is compliant with third-party inspection agency standards and carries a UL certification, providing peace of mind regarding its quality and safety.


The LONG SENG Electric Bicycle 26″ x4.0 Fat tire Electric Bicycle offers a powerful and versatile riding experience for adults. With its high-power brushless motor, durable design, adjustable riding modes, and after-sales support, it is well-suited for individuals seeking an electric bicycle for commuting, leisure riding, or long-distance travel. The UL certification and rigorous quality standards ensure reliability and safety for riders of all skill levels. If you’re in the market for a high-quality electric bicycle with excellent performance and comfort features, the LONG SENG Electric Bicycle is a strong contender.

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