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The Meelod Premium Electric Bike for Adults is a powerful and versatile electric bicycle that offers an impressive range and speed. With its dual Bafang motor and high-capacity Samsung battery, this e-bike delivers a thrilling riding experience, perfect for both commuting and off-road adventures.


The XT600DM model features a durable 6061 aluminum alloy shock-absorbing frame in an eye-catching red black cut color. This not only provides stability and durability but also adds to the bike’s stylish design. With a net weight of 48KG and a maximum load capacity of 440lbs, this e-bike can accommodate riders of various sizes.

The 48V25Ah Samsung battery powers the dual 1200WH motor, offering a top speed of 35MPH. This combination ensures a long-lasting and powerful ride, capable of covering distances between 40-70 miles on a single charge. The battery can be fully charged in just 6 hours using the included 48V/4.5A charger, making it convenient for daily use.

The Meelod Premium Electric Bike is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed transmission system, allowing riders to easily adapt to different terrains. The TEKTRO HD-E395 hydraulic disc brake system provides reliable and responsive braking, enhancing safety during rides. Additionally, the e-bike boasts a 20-degree gradeability, ensuring smooth navigation even on steeper inclines.

Design and Comfort

The 26″×4″ fat tire design of this electric bicycle offers enhanced stability and control, particularly on rough or uneven surfaces. The Kenda snow tires provide excellent traction, allowing riders to confidently ride through various terrains, including snow, sand, or mud.

The Meelod Premium Electric Bike features an ergonomic design with an adjustable aluminum alloy handlebar. This allows riders to find the perfect position for a comfortable and fatigue-free ride. The 201.5*72.5*120cm e-bike size suits riders of different heights, with a minimum height recommendation of 5’2″.

Safety and Convenience

The inclusion of a 3.5-inch LED display provides riders with essential information such as speed, battery level, and riding mode. The turn-type governor throttle allows for precise control and power management. The 15W LED retro headlights are switchable between near and high beam, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions, while the LED tail light acts as a rear brake light.

This e-bike also boasts an IP65 waterproof rating, offering peace of mind when riding in wet weather conditions. The Meelod Premium Electric Bike is built to withstand various elements, ensuring durability and longevity.


The Meelod Premium Electric Bike for Adults is a highly capable and feature-rich electric bicycle. With its powerful dual Bafang motor, long-range Samsung battery, and durable construction, this e-bike offers a thrilling and comfortable riding experience. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring off-road trails, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, the Meelod Premium Electric Bike is a reliable and impressive choice for adult riders.

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