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MYobu E-Bike Battery 36V 12Ah Lithium-ion Electric Bikes Battery Pack Review

1. Versatile and Customizable:

The MYobu E-Bike Battery is a highly versatile battery pack that can be customized for various voltage, capacity, power, current, and size requirements. Whether you need a 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, or 72V battery pack, the engineers at MYobu can create the most suitable lithium-ion battery pack for your electric bicycle. Simply provide the specifications, and you’ll have a personalized battery pack to power your e-bike.

2. Premium Quality Materials:

This battery pack from MYobu is designed using A-grade cells, which are considered the best in terms of performance and reliability. The high-quality cells, along with the 30AMP BMS protection board, ensure a longer service life and enhanced safety. The outer packaging is made of waterproof PVC material, offering corrosion resistance and protection against moisture, snow, and dust. However, it is advisable not to expose the battery to these conditions for prolonged periods of time.

3. 42V 2A Charger:

The MYobu E-Bike Battery comes with a 42V 2A charger, allowing for efficient charging of the battery pack. Upon receiving the package, it is recommended to charge the battery first and wait for the charger’s indicator light to turn from red to green before using it. In case you are unsure about the compatibility of this battery pack with your electric bike, you can contact MYobu, and they will provide you with a custom lithium battery pack tailored to your requirements.

4. Extended Battery Lifespan:

The MYobu E-Bike Battery offers over 1000 charge cycles, resulting in an expected lifespan of up to 5 years. This ensures long-term usage without compromising on performance. To maintain the battery’s longevity, it is advised not to directly fix it onto the bicycle, as it may be prone to bumps or crushing. Opting for a bag or case for the battery pack is recommended.


The MYobu E-Bike Battery 36V 12Ah Lithium-ion Electric Bikes Battery Pack is a highly customizable and reliable solution for your electric bike power needs. It is designed using premium materials and provides a high number of charge cycles, ensuring a long lifespan. With its versatile compatibility and professional customizations, MYobu gives you the opportunity to create a battery pack that perfectly suits your requirements. Whether you’re an e-bike enthusiast or an avid cyclist, the MYobu E-Bike Battery is a worthwhile investment that will provide you with a consistent and lasting power supply for your electric bicycle.

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