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Oraimo 750W-1000W Electric Bike: The Ultimate Review

Are you tired of the frustrating traffic jams during your daily commute? Do you want an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bikes? Look no further than the Oraimo 750W-1000W Electric Bike. With its impressive features and sleek design, this electric bike is revolutionizing the way we travel. Let’s dive into its remarkable qualities.

UL-Certified Hidden Battery & Fast Charging

The Oraimo Electric Bike is equipped with a high-capacity 48V 11.6Ah hidden li-ion battery, certified by UL 2271 for safety. With this battery, you can enjoy up to 45 miles of smooth, effortless riding on a single charge. No more worrying about running out of power mid-journey!

Furthermore, the 3A fast charging feature ensures that you spend minimal time waiting for your battery to recharge. In just about 3.5 hours, your bike will be ready to hit the road again. This is particularly convenient for those who have busy schedules and limited time for charging.

Foldable Design & Adjustable Saddle/Handlebar

One of the standout features of the Oraimo Electric Bike is its foldable lightweight aluminum frame. This design makes it incredibly easy to store and transport the bike, whether it’s in your home, office, or even the trunk of your car. With its compact size when folded, you can take this bike anywhere you go.

Additionally, the adjustable saddle and handlebar allow you to customize the bike to your preferred riding position. This ensures maximum comfort during your journeys, regardless of your height or riding style. Say goodbye to sore muscles and hello to a comfortable ride!

5 PAS Levels and Shimano 7-Speed

Climbing hills or tackling rough terrains has never been easier. The Oraimo Electric Bike features 5 Pedal Assist System (PAS) levels in a full-color LCD display. With just the right amount of assistance from the motor, you can conquer any slope or trail with ease. Choose the PAS level that suits your riding style and enjoy a tailored experience.

Furthermore, the Shimano 7-speed gear system offers smooth and precise shifting, giving you greater control over your speed and cadence. Whether you’re in a rush or prefer a leisurely ride, this bike can adapt to your needs seamlessly.

Assembly & Customer Services

We understand the importance of a hassle-free assembly process. That’s why the Oraimo Electric Bike is 90% pre-assembled, so you can start riding in no time. Detailed instructions and tools are included, ensuring a smooth setup experience. If you ever need assistance or have questions, our US local call center is available to help you with any concerns.

Your Safety Comes First

At Oraimo, we prioritize your safety above all. Our commitment to safety has been recognized by SGS through certifications UL 2271 (for Li-ion battery) and UL 2789 (for the whole electric bike). These certifications ensure that you can ride with peace of mind, knowing that your bike meets the highest safety standards.

In conclusion, the Oraimo 750W-1000W Electric Bike is a game-changer in the world of electric bikes. With its range, fast charging capabilities, foldable design, and adjustable features, it offers a convenient and comfortable riding experience. The PAS levels and Shimano 7-speed gear system further enhance its versatility and performance. Backed by reliable customer services and safety certifications, this electric bike is worth every penny. Make your daily commute a breeze and invest in the Oraimo Electric Bike today!

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