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Powerful and Convenient: PASELEC Electric Bike for Adults

“This electric bike from PASELEC offers a powerful ride and convenient features, making it the perfect choice for urban commuting and adventurous rides.”

As an established brand in the electric bicycle industry, PASELEC delivers another high-quality product with their Electric Bike for Adults. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, PASELEC has become a trusted name in the market. Their commitment to providing customers with high-quality, reliable, and affordable electric bikes is evident in this model.

Power and Performance

The PASELEC Electric Bike is equipped with a peak 750W power motor and a 48V 10.4Ah removable battery. This combination provides ample power for extended rides and allows for easy charging and replacement. Whether you’re riding in the city or exploring off-road terrains, this bike has the power to tackle any challenge.

The Shimano 7-speed gear system offers versatility, allowing you to effortlessly switch between gears to adapt to different terrains and inclines. Additionally, the mechanical disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, enhancing safety even during high-speed rides.

Sleek Design and Convenient Features

The PASELEC Electric Bike features a sleek and modern design. Its 20” fat tire, ideal for urban commuting, adds stability and comfort to your ride. The bike is also equipped with an intelligent display that provides essential information such as speed, battery level, and distance traveled.

One of the standout features of this bike is its foldable design. This allows for easy storage and transportation, making it an excellent choice for commuters with limited space. Whether you need to store it in your apartment or take it on public transport, this bike can easily fold down to a compact size.

Safety First

PASELEC understands the importance of safety during electric bike rides. That’s why they have incorporated integrated front and rear lights into this model. These lights enhance visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring a safer riding experience.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

PASELEC stands behind the quality and performance of their Electric Bike for Adults. They offer a one-year frame warranty, along with six months of coverage for the motor and battery charger. This warranty ensures that you can ride with confidence, knowing that any issues will be promptly addressed.

Assembly Made Easy

PASELEC understands that assembly can be a concern for some customers. However, they provide detailed assembly instructions to guide you through the process. Additionally, installation videos and a user manual are available to make assembly even easier.

Contact PASELEC for Assistance

If you encounter any issues or have questions about the PASELEC Electric Bike, their dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you. They prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to ensure that your experience with their products is nothing short of excellent.

In summary, the PASELEC Electric Bike for Adults is a powerful and convenient option for city urban commuting and adventurous rides. With its removable battery, efficient gear system, foldable design, and safety features, this e-bike offers a superior riding experience. Trust PASELEC, a brand with over 20 years of experience, to deliver a high-quality electric bike that meets your needs.

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