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The PIAOCAIYIN 26″ Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a powerful and efficient way to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike. With a 48V 1000W motor, this kit provides excellent performance, efficient operation, and smooth and low-noise operation. Equipped with a practical display screen, this conversion kit also allows for accurate display of speed and power data, making it easy to monitor your riding experience. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of the PIAOCAIYIN Electric Bike Conversion Kit, as well as provide some important installation and usage tips.

### 1. 48V 1000W Motor

The heart of the PIAOCAIYIN Electric Bike Conversion Kit is its powerful 48V 1000W motor. This motor provides the necessary power to propel your bicycle to higher speeds and tackle inclines with ease. The motor’s efficient operation ensures a smooth and low-noise riding experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of electric biking without any unnecessary distractions.

### 2. Wheel

The kit comes with a durable and reliable wheel that is designed to withstand the rigors of electric biking. The wheel is carefully crafted to provide a stable base for the motor and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

### 3. Spokes and Aluminum Circle

In addition to the wheel, the kit includes high-quality spokes and aluminum circle, which contribute to the overall strength and durability of the wheel assembly. These components are designed to withstand the extra stress and strain that comes with electric biking, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

### 4. 48V 1000W Controller

The included 48V 1000W controller is an essential component of the conversion kit, as it regulates the power output from the motor and ensures smooth and efficient operation. The controller is designed to work seamlessly with the motor, providing optimal performance and control.

### 5. Controller Bag

To protect the controller from the elements and ensure its longevity, the kit includes a convenient controller bag. This bag provides a safe and secure storage solution for the controller, while also allowing for easy access when necessary.

### 6. PAS

The kit features a PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor) system, which provides an extra boost of power when pedaling. This feature enhances the overall riding experience, making it easier to tackle steep hills and rough terrain without excessive effort.

### 7. Twist Throttle with 5 Star

For added control and convenience, the kit includes a twist throttle with a 5-star design. This throttle allows for precise control of the motor’s power output, giving you the ability to adjust your speed and acceleration as needed.

### 8. Brake Handle

To ensure safety and control, the kit comes with a dedicated brake handle that is designed to work in conjunction with the electric components. This provides the necessary stopping power and ensures a safe and reliable ride at all times.

### 9. Connectors and Fuse

The kit includes all the necessary connectors and a fuse to ensure a secure and reliable electrical connection. These components are designed to withstand the demands of electric biking, providing a solid and dependable electrical system.

### 10. LCD (About Speed and Power)

One of the standout features of the PIAOCAIYIN Electric Bike Conversion Kit is its integrated LCD display. This display accurately shows data related to speed and power, allowing you to monitor your riding experience with ease. This practical display screen provides valuable information that contributes to a more informed and enjoyable ride.

### 11. Harness Wires

To simplify the installation process, the kit includes harness wires that are designed to fit seamlessly with the included components. These wires provide a secure and organized electrical connection, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

### Notes

While connecting the controller to the wires, it is important to ensure that the correct colors are connected to the controller. Failure to do so may result in damage to the controller. Additionally, it should be noted that the E-BIKE Wheel Kit is not waterproof, so it is advised not to ride in rainy conditions to avoid any potential damage.

### Practical Display Screen

The electric bicycle modification kit is equipped with a display screen, which accurately displays data related to speed and power, making it easy to monitor and adjust your riding experience.

### Powerful Motor

The electric bike conversion kit comes with a 48V 1000W motor, providing excellent performance, efficient operation, and smooth and low-noise operation, allowing you to experience the joy of cycling with added power.

### Regarding Installation

This wheel hub for the rear wheel E-bicycle motor needs to be installed with complete accessories and simple, safe operation. The provided components and clear instructions make the installation process straightforward and hassle-free.

### Please Note

When connecting the controller to the cords, be sure to connect the correct colors to the controller to avoid damage. Additionally, it is recommended not to ride the E-BIKE Wheel Kit in rainy conditions as it is not waterproof.

In conclusion, the PIAOCAIYIN 26″ Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a powerful and efficient way to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike. With its 48V 1000W motor and practical display screen, this kit provides excellent performance and a more enjoyable riding experience. The inclusion of high-quality components, such as the wheel, spokes, and controller, ensures the overall reliability and durability of the kit. However, it is important to note the installation and usage tips provided to ensure the safe and optimal operation of the conversion kit. Whether you are a seasoned electric bike enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of e-bikes, the PIAOCAIYIN Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a worthy investment that can enhance your riding experience.

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