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Product Review: RibasuBB Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

Dual Mode Controller

The RibasuBB Electric Bicycle Motor Kit features a dual mode controller that ensures smooth and efficient operation. The motor can work under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect, providing a reliable backup in case of component failure. Even if the sensor fails, the controller will automatically switch to non-Hall effect mode, ensuring uninterrupted motor function. Additionally, the kit includes a pedal assist sensor (PAS) that detects the pedal rhythm and adjusts the motor speed accordingly. This feature allows you to ride an electric bicycle without throttle response, making long trips more comfortable and reducing wrist soreness.

User-friendly Features

This motor kit offers several user-friendly features to enhance your riding experience. The kit allows for 5-gear speed adjustment, enabling you to adapt to different road conditions and personal preferences. Moreover, maintaining a constant speed is made easier with the cruise function. Simply press the button key for 2-3 seconds while riding to activate the cruise mode, providing effortless cycling for your convenience.

Enjoy Riding

With the RibasuBB Electric Bicycle Motor Kit, you can easily convert your regular bike into an e-bike, greatly improving efficiency and convenience. This kit includes all the necessary accessories to complete the conversion without the need to purchase additional items separately. By installing the kit, you can fully enjoy the pleasure of riding during your daily commute or short journeys.

Practical Display

The kit features a practical LCD display that provides essential information in real-time. You can monitor the current speed, maximum speed, average speed, total mileage, single mileage, battery power level, and assist gear/speed grading. The display also includes a cruise function indicator, allowing you to easily keep track of your e-bike’s operating status. This intuitive display ensures that you can charge your bike in a timely manner and maintain an optimal riding experience.

In conclusion, the RibasuBB Electric Bicycle Motor Kit offers a comprehensive solution for transforming your regular bike into an efficient and enjoyable e-bike. Its dual mode controller, user-friendly features, and practical LCD display make it an excellent choice for riders of all levels. With this kit, you can effortlessly explore new opportunities for cycling and experience the enhanced convenience and joy of electric bikes.

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