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The Roswheel Essentials Series 141466 Bike Trunk Bag is a stylish and versatile option for cycling enthusiasts. With a capacity of 8 liters, this bag is perfect for storing daily essentials and tools while out on the road. Made with water-resistant 300D polyester and PU leather, the bag is both solid and durable, with a padded HDPE board and rigid EVA foam to maintain its shape and protect your belongings.

Multipurpose Usage

What sets this bag apart is its multipurpose usage. Not only can it be attached to your bike as a rack bag or bike tool bag using the included velcro straps and buckles, but it can also be transformed into a stylish commuter bag with a shoulder strap, or even used as a handbag with a built-in carrying handle. The shoulder strap is included, making it easy to transition from a bike accessory to a versatile everyday bag.

Large Capacity

The 8-liter capacity of the Roswheel Essentials Series 141466 Bike Trunk Bag provides ample space for storing your essentials. The spacious main compartment is well-designed for better organization of cycling essentials, tools, and accessories. This makes it a convenient choice for commuters and outdoor cycling enthusiasts.

Water Resistant

The bag is equipped with a waterproof liner to protect your belongings from the elements. Whether you’re cycling in light rain or encountering splashes from puddles, you can trust that your items will remain dry and secure. The water-resistant fabric and YKK metal zipper, which is known for its durability, ensure that your belongings stay safe and protected.

Taillight Hanger Ready

Safety is a priority when cycling, especially in low light conditions. The Roswheel Essentials Series 141466 Bike Trunk Bag features a taillight hanger that allows you to attach a bike light for added visibility. This is an important feature for enhancing your safety while cycling in dimly lit areas.

Reflective Elements

In addition to the taillight hanger, the bag also includes reflective elements on both sides. These elements increase your visibility in dark or low light conditions, ensuring that you remain visible to other road users. This is an important safety feature for cyclists who frequently ride in the early morning, dusk, or at night.

Secure Mounting

The bag is designed to be securely mounted to your bike using durable velcro straps. This ensures that it stays in place during your ride, providing peace of mind that your belongings are secure. The easy mount and quick release system make it simple to attach and remove the bag as needed.


In conclusion, the Roswheel Essentials Series 141466 Bike Trunk Bag is a versatile and stylish option for cyclists. With its large capacity, water-resistant design, and safety features such as reflective elements and taillight hanger, it provides everything you need for a comfortable and secure ride. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the outdoors, this bag is a reliable companion for your cycling adventures.

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