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Introducing the SENADA Saber Electric Bike for Adults – a powerful and versatile e-bike that is perfect for all your adventures. With its 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery and 1000W motor, this bike offers a long range and reliable performance. Whether you are commuting to work or exploring the great outdoors, the SENADA Saber has got you covered.

One of the standout features of this electric bike is its removable battery. The 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery is certified by UL2849, ensuring its safety and reliability. It can easily be brought home or charged at the office, making it convenient for daily use. With a range of up to 57 miles on pedal-assist mode and around 28 miles on full-throttle mode, you won’t have to worry about running out of power on your adventures.

The SENADA Saber offers three riding modes: pure electric mode, pedal assist mode, and the option to remove the battery and pedal manually. This versatility allows you to choose the mode that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you want a relaxing ride or a more intense workout, this e-bike can do it all.

Safety is a top priority with the SENADA Saber. It is equipped with a front suspension downhill fork, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride even on off-road or challenging terrains. The 7-speed shifting gear system allows for quick and precise stops, even at high speeds. With the included Speed series mechanical disc brakes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your stopping power is reliable and effective.

The 26″ x 4″ fat tires on this bike provide excellent grip and slip resistance, making it suitable for all types of terrains. Whether you are riding on rough roads or tackling uneven trails, the SENADA Saber will handle it with ease. The 330 lbs 6061 aluminum alloy frame is both lightweight and sturdy, allowing for a stable and comfortable ride. Additionally, front and rear fenders and a rear rack are included for added convenience.

When it comes to installation, the SENADA Saber is 95% pre-installed. A detailed installation video is provided to guide you through the remaining assembly steps, making it hassle-free and user-friendly. We also offer a two-year warranty and high-quality after-sales service for your peace of mind.

In conclusion, the SENADA Saber Electric Bike for Adults is a top-quality e-bike that offers power, performance, and versatility. With its removable battery, long range, and reliable safety features, it is perfect for both daily commuting and adventurous off-road rides. The 26″ x 4″ fat tires provide excellent grip, and the 7-speed shifting gear system ensures smooth stops even at high speeds. Choose the SENADA Saber for a ride that is thrilling, convenient, and comfortable.

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