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Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit Review: Convert Your Bike into an E-Bike

If you’ve been considering converting your traditional bicycle into an electric one, the Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit may be the solution you’ve been searching for. This powerful rear wheel motor e-bike conversion kit is designed to provide you with the power, comfort, and convenience of an electric bicycle, while maintaining the familiar feel of your favorite bike.


The Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is suitable for assembling and converting the rear wheel of 28-inch, 29-inch, and 700C bicycles. It is compatible with both universal disc brakes and V-shaped brakes, making it a versatile option for a wide range of bicycle models.

User-friendly Features

One of the key features of this conversion kit is the 5-gear speed adjustment, which allows you to customize your riding experience based on different road conditions and personal preferences. Additionally, the kit is equipped with a cruise control function, activated by pressing the button key for 2-3 seconds, making the riding process easier and more enjoyable.

Complete Set

When you purchase the Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit, you receive the complete range of accessories needed for the conversion process, eliminating the need to purchase additional items separately. This matching kit ensures consistent and stable performance, providing you with a hassle-free conversion experience.

Upgrade Display

The included display provides a range of real-time information, including speed measurements, battery power levels, mileage tracking, and assist gear/speed grading. This user-friendly interface allows you to stay informed about the status of your e-bike, enabling you to make informed decisions about charging and maintenance.

Safe and Reliable

Safety is a top priority when riding any bicycle, and the Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is designed with this in mind. The brake lever is equipped to cut off the power supply to the motor in the event of an emergency braking situation, ensuring that the bicycle can come to a prompt and safe stop.


The Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and performance. The brushless gearless motor provides a power output of 1000W, with a recommended battery capacity of 48V 13AH or higher. The kit is designed for a minimum flat fork distance of 100mm and boasts a maximum speed range of 45-55km/h.

Package Included

With your purchase of the Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit, you will receive the motor wheel, display, brake levers, controller, thumb knob handle, controller bag, and English instruction manual. All necessary accessories for assembly are also included, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive conversion process.


When installing the kit, it is important to pay attention to the correct connection of wires to the controller, as incorrect wiring may damage the controller. Additionally, please note that the kit does not include tires, batteries, or chargers, which must be purchased separately. It is also important to ensure that the motor is only used in conjunction with a two-wheeled bicycle and is not compatible with three-wheelers or multi-wheelers.

Overall, the Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit offers a user-friendly, reliable, and complete solution for converting your traditional bicycle into an electric one. With its range of features and comprehensive package, it provides a seamless and effective way to upgrade your riding experience.

Price and availability

As of writing this product review, the Shikiy Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is available for purchase from a range of online retailers, with prices varying depending on the seller and any current promotions or discounts. I would recommend checking multiple sources to find the best deal and ensure that the product is in stock and available for shipping to your location.

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