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The TOOLITIN Bike Phone Front Frame Bag with Water Bottle Holder Bag is a versatile and convenient addition to any cyclist’s gear. With its integrated design, this product combines the functionality of a bike phone bag and a water bottle holder in one compact and durable package. The bag features a removable insulated handlebar bottle cup bag with a tighter buckle, allowing for secure attachment to your bike. The product is designed for mountain biking and is built to withstand rough terrain while keeping your essentials safe and secure.

One of the key concerns for riders is whether the bag shakes around while riding. In the initial version of the product, some users experienced shaking due to the design of the bag. However, TOOLITIN has addressed this issue in the updated version of the product. The addition of a wide cinch strap between the water bottle bag and the bike phone bag ensures that they can be securely fastened together. In addition, the integrated product includes 5 straps that can be fixed on the bicycle, providing further stability even on rough roads.

The upgraded version of the bag also boasts increased capacity, with a space of approximately 2.1 liters. This ample storage space allows you to carry a variety of items such as glasses, gloves, mini flashlights, small tire pumps, repair kits, keys, and wallets. The water bottle bag has been lined with aluminum foil to insulate your drinks, keeping them cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

Another useful feature of the bag is its versatility. Both the bike phone bag and the water cup bag can be separated for individual use. The water bottle bag also includes an adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry on one shoulder while off the bike.

The brand story of TOOLITIN reflects its commitment to innovation and quality. With 20 years of experience, the company has evolved from a small workshop to a larger organization with a focus on production, sales, and technology. TOOLITIN is dedicated to bringing convenience to the lives of its customers, and the integrated design of their bike phone and water bottle bag is a testament to this commitment.

The bag’s integrated design provides more space and convenience for riders. The water bottle bag can hold up to 2.1 liters, providing ample room for drinks and other essentials. Additionally, the bag is designed for multi-scene use and is made from waterproof fabric, making it suitable for a variety of weather conditions. The waterproof upgrade ensures that your valuables are protected, with sealed zipper closures and a high-density, waterproof material.

The bike phone bag features a TPU touch screen, allowing for easy access to your phone while on the go. The headphone hole design also allows you to answer calls or listen to music while cycling. With its easy installation and adjustable Velcro straps, the bag is suitable for most types of bikes and provides a secure fit even on rough terrain.

Overall, the TOOLITIN Bike Phone Front Frame Bag with Water Bottle Holder Bag is a versatile and practical accessory for cyclists. Its innovative design, durable construction, and ample storage space make it a valuable addition to any biking adventure. Whether you’re commuting to work, hitting the trails, or going on a long-distance ride, this integrated bag provides the convenience and functionality you need to stay organized and prepared.

In conclusion, TOOLITIN’s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in their integrated bike phone and water bottle bag. With its upgraded features, waterproof design, and ample storage capacity, this product provides convenience and peace of mind for cyclists of all levels. If you’re looking for a reliable and practical solution for carrying your essentials on the go, the TOOLITIN Bike Phone Front Frame Bag with Water Bottle Holder Bag is a top choice.

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