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The Totem Skyline Electric Bike for Adults is a powerful and efficient electric cruiser bike that offers a comfortable and convenient way to commute in the city. With its 26” frame, 350W powerful motor, and 36V 10.4Ah removable battery, this bike provides an enjoyable riding experience.

Removable Battery & Fast Charge Technology

The Totem Skyline Electric Bike is equipped with a 36V 10.4Ah removable battery that allows for long rides. The removable design enables you to easily bring the battery to your home or office for charging. With the 3A fast charger, the battery can be fully recharged in just 2-3 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between rides.

High-quality Frame

The frame of this electric bike is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, making it lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust. The suspension fork also helps to reduce bumps and make the ride smoother, even on rough city streets.

Standard Upgrades

The Totem Skyline Electric Bike comes with a range of standard upgrades to enhance your riding experience. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide excellent braking power, effectively reducing braking distance and improving safety. The SHIMANO 7-speed gearing system ensures smooth and precise shifting, allowing you to easily navigate through a variety of terrains and situations.

3 Riding Modes

This electric cruiser bike offers three riding modes to suit your preferences and needs. The throttle mode allows for automatic riding with just a twist of the throttle. The pedal assist mode provides five levels of pedal assistance, giving you the power you need as you pedal. The traditional cycling mode disables the electric power, allowing for a more traditional riding experience.

Worry-Free Assembly

The Totem Skyline Electric Bike comes 85% pre-assembled, making it easy to put together. It includes an instruction manual and installation tools, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process. You’ll be hitting the road in no time!

Additional Batteries and Chargers

All Totem electric bike purchases include both the battery and charger. However, if you require an extended range or need to recharge in multiple locations, additional batteries and chargers are available to meet your needs.


The Totem Skyline Electric Bike for Adults is a highly functional and reliable electric cruiser bike that offers a comfortable and convenient way to commute in the city. With its removable battery, fast charging technology, high-quality frame, standard upgrades, and multiple riding modes, this bike is designed to make your daily commute a breeze. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, the Totem Skyline Electric Bike will elevate your riding experience while ensuring your safety and comfort.

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