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Tracer Leopard 26 Inch Wheel Chopper Stretch Bike: Beach Cruiser with High Rise Handlebar, Suspension Fork, 3 Speed, and 26 X 3 Fat Tires

The Tracer Leopard 26 Inch Wheel Chopper Stretch Bike is the ultimate beach cruiser that offers riders a comfortable and stylish riding experience. With its unique design and high-quality features, this bike is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

One standout feature of this bike is the 26 X 3 fat tires. These wide tires provide a smooth and cushioned ride on any surface, whether it’s sand, pavement, or gravel. They offer excellent traction and stability, allowing riders to confidently navigate different terrains. Plus, the fat tires also add a touch of style to the bike’s overall look.

The chopper bicycle frame of the Tracer Leopard is made of high-quality steel, making it durable and sturdy. The stretched frame design accommodates riders of all sizes, providing a comfortable riding position. Whether you’re tall or short, this bike can easily be adjusted to fit your needs.

Another notable feature of the Tracer Leopard is the Springer fork. This unique fork design allows the bike to stretch and contract, providing a more comfortable and responsive ride. The suspension fork absorbs bumps and shocks, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride even on rough surfaces.

The Tracer Leopard also features a 3-speed drivetrain, allowing riders to easily switch between gears and tackle different terrains with ease. The built-in coaster brake provides reliable stopping power, ensuring safety and control while riding.

One final feature worth mentioning is the recumbent seat. This seat is designed for added comfort, allowing riders to relax and enjoy their ride for extended periods. It’s perfect for those who want to get a good workout without sacrificing comfort.

In summary, the Tracer Leopard 26 Inch Wheel Chopper Stretch Bike is a top-notch beach cruiser that offers a comfortable and stylish riding experience. With its wide fat tires, chopper frame, Springer fork, and recumbent seat, this bike is built to handle any terrain while providing maximum comfort. Whether you’re cruising along the beach or exploring the city streets, this bike is sure to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Please note that this collection does not come with a kickstand.

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